Positive Thinking Series #2: The importancy of living in the moment

living in the moment

Hi my readers,

I hope you’re doing great today! Today it’s time for the second part of my Positive Thinking series, the series I started a week ago 🙂 I hope I inspired you with the first part, because that’s what I wanted to achieve. For the follow-up, I’ll be sharing with you the importancy of living in the moment.


I notice (and I am guilty of this too) people intend to either focus on the past or the future. They are rarely aware of the current activities they are busy with, because they keep worrying about past or future what-if happenings… Let me tell you: it’s a complete waste of time. Worrying about things that haven’t even taken place or worrying about things that have happened for which you have no power to change, it’s completely useless and a waste of energy. I have done it for years, and I still do it sometimes, then I stop myself because once you give into the thought, you’re lost. And you get stuck in that way of thinking, mostly a negative scenario because you want to prepare for the worst. Which is stupid, because you simply can’t prepare yourself for negative happenings unless they happen. “What if this and what if that?” You simply don’t know! You can’t predict how other people would respond, you can only change yourself but you have no clue how that would affect a certain situation. There’s no point in fantasizing about that.


Living in the moment can also be called “mindfullness”. It’s a modern term just to train your mind in being aware of things that are now going on, from different senses. Like inhaling the air you’re breathing in now, or seeing different things in your environment, or hearing the birds singing a song. You can’t do that all the time and it’s absolutely natural to get distracted sometimes, but it’s a good practice to do a couple of times a day. Maybe when you go to work, it’s a good moment to take in what’s surrounding you. Those are moments most people start to think about what they need to do when they get home (future thoughts) or maybe worry for instance about a fight they had the day before (past thoughts). Of course we all need to think about the future too, things we need to arrange or planning the finances ahead to pay the bills etc. But give your mind some rest too, and focus on NOW.

You might be dead in a minute. Who knows?


Another thing I’d like to discuss is setting goals in life. For me, I love goals. Goals are challenging, they help you get forward and grow in life for example. A life without goals is boring and unactive and as a human being’s nature is, we don’t stand still. Moving forward is seen as a good thing, but most people are jealous of success. They only see the result, they don’t see the progress that lays beneath the surface. When trying to reach your goals in life, don’t forget to appreciate the process too. Don’t set a goal simply to be happy when you achieve it. Because you won’t be. Being happy isn’t a destination in life, it’s a mindset to carry with you. And when you see someone successful, don’t think they got it for free. They spend hours, days, weeks or months of energy to reach the stage that they’re in now. Admire them instead and use them as an inspiration. Jealousy is also an awful thing.

To live in the moment, you can ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • How do I feel now?
  • Why is this a good day for me?
  • Why is my life getting better?
  • What have I done today that I’m proud of?
  • What am I grateful for today?
  • Which people are important to me?

To be happy, is also to spread positivity. Be grateful for your loved ones, love them and give them compliments frequently. One kind word might make their day better and giving a compliment is free. By being nice and warm hearted to people around you, you’ll get more love in return. It’s all about give and take.


So why should you live in the moment? Here are some good reasons why you should try it:

  • Less worrying means more relaxation!
  • You get to enjoy life more
  • Your food will taste better
  • You get to listen more to what people say to you
  • You won’t get so stressed out for deadlines

Things that’ll help you to live in the moment is to get structure in your life. Living in chaos will cause stress, and to have a peaceful mind you should handle things slowly step by step – structured. Make sure that you don’t have clutter hanging around. If you have planned a lot of tasks today, make a to do list.

Another thing you can do is meditate, which will help you relax and release stress. There are many exercises you can do, which you can find on YouTube or different yoga-themed websites.

What do you do to live in the moment? Do you have any tips considering positive thinking? Share them in the comment form! Thank you for your attention, see you next time, readers! ❤



OOTD: Being a fan of Isabel Marant

ootd isabel marant

Dag lieve lezers,

Ik herinner me de tijd dat de Isabel Marant wedge sneakers echt een mega trend waren – ik ben er een beetje in blijven hangen. Voor mij zijn mijn tricolore wedge sneakers nog steeds een veel gedragen paar. Weliswaar geen echte Isabel Marant, maar de stijl is er volledig op gebaseerd. Toegegeven, je moet ervoor zijn. Het is echt zo’n hate it or love it ding, maar voor mij vormt het de ultieme combo tussen het comfort van sneakers en de extra lengte van hakken. Rood blijft altijd mijn favoriete accent kleur, plus het raakt nooit uit de mode. Ik koos voor voor een van mijn vele cosy sweaters, ditmaal een lichtgrijze met pailletjes. Het rode van de schoenen liet ik terugkomen in mijn lederen handtas en sjaaltje met bloemenprint.


Outfit details:

Sweater – Takko fashion
Sjaal – Lokale winkel
Jeansbroek – Superdry
Wedge sneakers met suède – Buffalo London
Tas – Longchamp 3D collectie (oude kleur)
Oorbellen met diamantjes – Zalando
Armbandje – Longchamp
Make-up key pieces: Garnier BB crème + Essence Matt Matt Matt Lip cream


Mijn look kan je kopiëren door enkele key items te dragen: denk aan de roosjesprint van mijn sjaaltje, die je kan laten terugkomen in een sweater van C&A’s huidige collectie. Kies voor een lippenstift die je lippen een bessenrode kleur geven, zoals de Matt Matt Matt lipgloss van Essence. En verder, een tikkeltje designer om mee af te sluiten: de Longchamp 3D handtas en Isabel Marant’s stoere witte sneakers met een rode finishing touch.


Isabel Marant heeft nou echt een stijl waarvan ik zeg: wauw! Ik vind haar ontwerpen echt magnifiek, een beetje een mengeling tussen stoer en hippie. Denk: franjes, prints en leder. Laten we even kijken welke fantastische designs ze heeft uitgebracht in modeland voor het huidige fall winter seizoen:

isabel_marant_2236.jpeg_north_499x_whiteOver het modehuis zelf valt ook best wel wat te vertellen. Deze is ontstaan in 1994 en het best gekend om de schoenen die door vele celebrities gedragen worden. Denk maar aan Kate Bosworth, Hilary Duff en Anne Hathaway. Het merk heeft ruim 10 boetieks wereldwijd en kleine handelaars in meer dan 35 landen. Isabel Marant heeft tevens samengewerkt met H&M. Deze collectie was al binnen enkele minuten uitverkocht online en zorgde er zelfs voor dat de website van H&M crashte! Het enige jammerlijke aan dit modehuis is dat blijkbaar er roddels circuleren dat Marant bij bepaalde prints plagiaat gepleegd zou hebben…Ook haar witte sneakers doen wel erg denken aan Adidas’ bekende Stan Smiths. [Bron: Wikipedia].


De bekende wedge sneakers van Isabel Marant zijn verkrijgbaar via officiële verkooppunten van het merk alsook in de Bijenkorf.

Wat vind jij van de ontwerpen van Isabel Marant? Draag jij weleens wedge sneakers? Deel jouw reactie op deze blogpost, wij horen graag van jullie! 🙂 Bedankt voor jullie aandacht ❤




OOTD: Burgundy hoodie dress, leggings & Adidas sneakers

ootd (2)

Hi readers,

Today’s blogpost contains a look I’ve worn a couple of months ago – I know, it’s an oldie. Old but gold they say, so I guess I just wanted to share this with you. It’s a casual outfit, wearing a burgundy sweater dress combined with a pair of simple black leggings and cool black Adidas sneakers. My bag was a real bargain, I only paid 5 euros for it on the market. I like the reptile effect on the bag, which is in fashion for this fall winter season.

As for makeup, no eyeliner this time. Instead I’ve chosen to create a fresh combination of warm and girly pink shades with a touch of glitter. It makes the look a bit girlier, since this is a very sporty and kind of boyish outfit to wear. What I love is the maximum of comfort because you don’t have a any tight jeans or heels or anything like that which makes you run to your sweatpants at the end of the day, no this is as easy as home wear really.

Outfit details:

Sweater dress – H&M
Leggings – H&M
Sneakers – Adidas
Bag – Local market
Earrings – Handmade by me
Watch – Gift from Yves Rocher

Check these celebrities rocking their sweater dresses:

–> Nice idea from Ariana Grande’s outfit combo: combine the sweater dress with high knee boots and a waist bag.

Here are some ideas for you to get your ensemble right away:


Do you have a sweater dress? Do you like wearing sporty looks? Share your views in the comment form, folks! We’d like to hear from you ❤ Thank you for your attention. I’ll see you next time.

Positive Thinking Series #1: 5 tips to deal with negative situations in a better way

positive thinking series

Hi dear readers,

Thank you for visiting my blog (again)! Hope you folks are having a good time. Now today’s post will be about something different. I know I’ve been sharing a lot about fashion and beauty lately, which is still my major interest of course. But there’s something new in my life I want to share as well, maybe a new topic on my blog which I will talk about some more from now on: a new mindset. Since I’ve lost my baby, I somehow started a brand new way of thinking. Sometimes people go through heavy experiences and they change. Like finally they see things clearer. I think that happened to me…

Inspirational Quotes About Being Positive Inspirational Quotes About Being Positive In Life Inspirational

For years I have dealt with negative situations in a bad way. Because I felt like I had to, like I had to punish myself even more for the negativity in my life. Now that my baby’s gone, I finally understand that that’s exactly what I shouldn’t do. Instead of breaking myself down, I need to build myself up. Instead of focusing on my loss, I need to focus on what I still have. It’s ridiculous that it took me this long to realize that I have a choice. I can choose to see things in a positive way, a better way.

To spread these findings I came up with a brand new theme for my blog: The Positive Thinking Series.

For the first blogpost the topic will conclude some tips on how to deal with negative situations in a better way.


Don’t put pressure on yourself if you don’t succeed right away, a new mindset takes time to settle but most importantly: you need to make the decision not to give in to negative thoughts anymore. It’s time you start seeing the good instead of the bad.



It’s not all rainbows and sunshine, we all know that. Everyone gets his or her dose of misery along the road. Instead of fighting the bad, accept it. Surrender. Sometimes shit happens, and yes, it feels crappy. But with every bad situation, you get to learn. You’ll become stronger and when something like that happens again, you’ll know how to deal with it. Don’t compare your life with others, everyone has different things to learn and everyone will have other challenges to overcome. Don’t believe the “perfect image” social media tries to spread, behind every smile there are tears hidden for all different reasons.



When you can read this blogpost, you probably have a computer/tablet/smartphone. That means you have a bit of luxury already in your hands! Appreciate the fact that you have all the basics in life: a roof over your head, food, drinks, the possibility to shower every day, etc. People are sometimes too blind to see what they have, they always want more. You’ll never be happy if you keep longing for more stuff. Life’s not about materialism anyway. Another reminder: appreciate the people who support you and love you. They are what matters ❤ Don’t take things for granted and appreciate the small things that people do for you! They can’t be replaced.



People have never been as rich in life as today. While people show off their luxurious lives on Instagram, they totally don’t get the point of being alive. You can’t buy happiness. You never will! When you feel bad, you’ll maybe feel a tiny bit of joy when spoiling yourself with a new sweater or something but it won’t heal your wounds. It’s just a temporary feeling that will fade away in seconds and before you know it you’ll end up in a consumption cycle or a shopping addiction because you want to feel that joy over and over again. Only love can heal your wounds on the long term. Love for yourself, but also love from other human beings. Focus on the important relationships in your life, invest in them. Forget about the money, it’s not what life’s about.



Some people intend to feed on drama. But drama won’t give you happiness, instead it will create problems that are unnecessary. At the end of the day, don’t we all want to have a peaceful life without stress and tension? When you hear there’s drama around you, at work or in your family, distance yourself. It’s the best way to protect your peaceful life. If it’s not important, it’s useless to get involved. It will only eat your energy, which you can better spend on important things.




There are situations which are very hard to see from a positive perspective, for instance mine: losing a child. But it’s always possible. I think that there’s a reason behind every happening in life, and losing my baby has helped me to realize that life’s too short to be sad. I want to enjoy every minute and I will fight again to bring a child to this world, I will never give up. That sounds a whole lot better than: why me, why did this happen to me, I miss him/her, … right? Of course I miss my baby, my pregnancy. But I know that my little miracle will always want the best for me, like I have loved him or her unlike anyone else ❤ Seeing things from another point of view will help you in accepting the negative situation. You can’t change what happened, but you can change how you deal with it 😉

You do have control over your thoughts, you are the boss!

So, all concluded, life’s too short for bad vibes. Enjoy every day, carpe diem! Feel free to share your tips for positive thinking in the comment form 🙂 Let’s be friends, follow us on social media 😀 Thank you for your attention and I’ll see you next time!

Review: Cien Black Volume Mascara (Lidl)


Dag lieve lezers,

Het is weer enige tijd geleden dat er een product review is geschreven op mijn blog, dus tijd voor een echte catch-up!

Vandaag bespreek ik met jullie mijn ervaring met de Cien Black Volume Mascara. Normaal gezien ga ik steevast voor de Essence Lash Princess Mascara, maar ik ben deze helaas kwijtgeraakt. De aankoop van deze mascara was dan ook een snelle noodoplossing. We gingen toch boodschappen doen bij Lidl, dus nam ik ineens een mascara van hun huismerk Cien mee.

Cien verrast vaak met zeer positieve customer reviews, meerbepaald in hun anti age verzorgingsgamma. Ik heb van het merk enkel douchegels geprobeerd, nog nooit iets van make-up dus het was best spannend voor mij om dit uit te testen. Ik ben zelf niet iemand die gigantisch veel lagen mascara opdoet. Tegenwoordig verkies ik naturel. Een dun laagje is dus voldoende voor mij. Ik ben ook niet iemand die mascara aanbrengt op de onderwimpers, omdat dit vaak leidt tot onnodig vegen en panda oogjes 🙂

Qua verpakking maak ik meteen de associatie met de Maybelline Collosal Mascara, omwille van de kanariegele kleur. Die mascara heb ik vroeger ook nog gebruikt en is tevens een aanrader. Vandaar dat ik bij deze Cien mascara ook wel een goed gevoel had.

Laten we meteen beginnen testen! Uiteraard met de nodige before & after foto’s voor een goed vergelijk!


Het resultaat na 1 dunne laag. Voor mij is dit voldoende, maar je kan in feite verschillende lagen aanbrengen voor een dramatischer effect.


  • Geen klonters
  • Wimpers klitten niet samen bij aanbrengen
  • Ligt goed in de hand
  • Maakt niet snel vlekken
  • Voordelige prijs: € 1,99
  • Verkrijgbaar bij de supermarkt


  • Krult niet mee met de wimpers omwille van de vorm van het borsteltje


Wil je mijn make-up look nabootsen, ga dan voor een peach kleurige oogschaduw (Essence), een goede BB crème (Garnier) en een neutrale satin lipgloss (Catrice). De truc is er niet opgemaakt uit te zien, ook al ben je opgemaakt 😉 Make-up is ideaal voor vrouwen met een bleke huid, zeker als je net als mij je aders goed ziet en soms last hebt van roodheid. Een goede BB crème kan dit meteen maskeren, beschermt je tegen UV stralen en voedt tevens de huid.

Hebben jullie de Cien Volume Mascara al eens geprobeerd? Deel jullie ervaring in het reactieformulier. Vergeet niet te liken, delen en volgen! ❤ Bedankt voor jullie aandacht.