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Today’s post will be about Hairbreed vitamins.  I got the amazing opportunity to try out their product and I have received it a couple of days ago in my mailbox. I myself don’t have trouble growing my hair and I am actually pretty happy with my medium length. But my sweet mom has a bob haircut and she wants to grow it out to a long bob. So I thought that this product might help her increase her hairgrowth in a healthy way.

First of all, let me tell you about the product I received. It’s called Hairbreed, a 2 month supply of 60 vitamin tablets – one every day. The price is £ 16,99. The product will help you get stronger and longer hair. Your hair will look smoother and healthy, as if transformed. The tablets will also prevent dandruff en take care of your scalp. Sounds very promising, right? Let’s see if it sticks to its promise.

My mom will now try out this product for 2 months. This is what her hair looks like now:


Some details about her hair type: My mom regularly dyes her hair. She has fine hair that gets greasy easily. When she grows her hair till shoulder length it breaks because it’s damaged. Her hair’s also very dry, she needs to use conditioner and hair masks very often to keep it nourished.

I will keep you guys updated between the process, as my mom will give her feedback meanwhile. I’d love to hear your opinion about this product and if you have ever tried it. Please share your thoughts in the comment box below. I am curious about your experiences!

By the way, if you want to order the product, use this unique code to get 15 % discount: hbf4MV2ShK!

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