Hi dear readers,

About a month ago I ordered some products for my two lovely dogs Max (the Jack Russell) and Nicky (the Malteser). I really enjoy spending time with them, walking or playing around. The love of those dogs means everything to me. So I thought I could spoil them with some gifts.

I ordered the following products from http://www.tosave.com:

Here are the pictures as shown on their website:

So I bought the pig hoodie for my Malteser Nicky because she’s so adorable when wearing clothes (also without lol). I also bought here an educational toy, because she loves intellectual challenges. Max doesn’t, he’s more into fetching. That’s why I’ve chosen the duck toy for him.


They both really enjoy their gifts. It’s so lovely to see how happy they are!

If you want to spoil your dog too, don’t hesitate to take a look on http://www.tosave.com, they do have great dog toys and clothing at affordable prices.

By the way, they also sell amazing Hair Extensions you should definitely check out when you have the time.

** This post was sponsored. All opinions are my dog’s🤪 **

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