Budget Fashion: 7 outfits with 7 items (VLOG)

Hi everyone!

Time for a new vlog, yay! I’m excited to share my new topic with you: budget fashion. So how can you create 7 different outfits with just 7 items? It’s possible! Watch my video and get started with your own closet. It’s not difficult at all and it’s good for your wallet and the environment.

I hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching! Have a nice weekend 🙂

OOTD Aztec print & AHS t-shirt + L’OrĂ©al mascara review


Hallo lezertjes,

Zoals jullie merken heeft Outfit Van De Dag een kleine makeover ondergaan – nog steeds under construction weliswaar 😉 Laat gerust een berichtje achter om je mening te geven over de nieuwe lay-out.

Het zijn echt aprilse grillen buiten. Gisteren begon het plots te hagelen en de temperatuur buiten doet eerder denken aan een koude wintermaand. Maar hé, we blijven positief, volgende week ziet het weerbericht er alleszins veel beter uit. De outfitpost van vandaag dateert dan ook wel van een tijd geleden. Nu draag ik terug mijn winterjas! Op straat zie je zelfs mensen met handschoenen, maar daar ben ik te koppig voor, lol.

Mijn outfit bestaat uit een lange, losse cardigan met Aztec print (Ă©Ă©n van mijn favoriete prints), een grijze capuchon vest, een t-shirt van de serie American Horror Story (weird serie maar echt zo gaaf), een America Today high waist skinny jeans, Adidas sneakers en of course mijn Pliage (ik ben vastgegroeid aan dat ding). Ideale outfit voor een doordeweekse lentedag als het weer een beetje meezit.


Outfit details

  • CARDIGAN: Esmara
  • VEST: Van de markt
  • T-SHIRT: American Horror Story (gekocht op Facts)
  • BROEK: America Today
  • SNEAKERS: Adidas
  • SJAAL: Cadeau van mama
  • KETTING: I am
  • OORBELLEN: Handgemaakt
  • ZONNEBRIL: Lokale winkel
  • TAS: Longchamp (klik hier om te bekijken)
  • POMPONNETJE: Gekregen van mama

Tot slot bespreek ik graag mijn ervaring met de L’OrĂ©al False Lash Superstar X-Fiber Mascara, die ik in promotie aankocht bij Kruidvat. Lezers die mij op Instagram volgen, hebben al gelezen dat het resultaat enorm positief was! Zoals je op de foto’s hieronder kan bekijken, verlengt het de wimpers zichtbaar door twee verschillende borsteltjes (1 & 2) stapsgewijs aan te brengen. Deze mascara kan ik jullie warm aanbevelen. Gebruik zeker een wimperkruller alvorens je de mascara aanbrengt, zo creĂ«er je het perfecte valse wimper effect.


BestHairStore: the ultimate source for hair extensions

CLICK TO VIEW ~ 18″ Colour 60# Straight Clip In Hair Extensions Virgin Human Hair

Hi everyone,

Today I will be writing about BestHairStore, the best and most trusted online brand for hair extensions! As you all know, I am very much into hair care. I love trying new things, and extensions are also part of my beauty routine to look fabulous for the day. BestHairStore is definitely a leading store considering hair extension products, they have much expertise and offer high quality at affordable prices. Certainly worth the time to take a look on their website!

CLICK TO VIEW ~ Clip In Hair Extensions 18 Inches Straight Hair Red Colour
CLICK TO VIEW ~ Micro Ring Hair Extensions 50 Strands 18 Inch Virgin Human Hair Blonde
CLICK TO VIEW ~ Tape In Extensions Straight Remy Brazilian Human Hair 18 Inches Black

As you can see, they have clip ins, tape ins and micro ring hair extensions. Different types, different colors so you can have the long hair you desire. They offer a variety of colors (black, brown, blonde, red) and ombre effects. All real human hair at good prices. Reviews say the delivery is fast, the material is nice and silky  and that the customer got exactly what she wanted. So why wait any longer? If you’re looking for your dream extensions, BestHairStore is the place to be.

This post was sponsored, all opinions are my own or claimed by customer reviews.

Barbie Makeup Tutorial (VLOG)

This weekend I’ve been working on another vlog, this time a Barbie makeup tutorial. Perfect for a ladies night out, or just for fun when you’re feeling girly. Of course, pink smokey eyes and lipstick are included – pink and glitter all the way. I hope you can all enjoy the video, and please leave a comment below. I love reading your thoughts!

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Review Hairbreed


Hi sweeties,

I introduced you to Hairbreed vitamins a while ago in an earlier post. As for me, my hair is quite thick so I didn’t feel the need to create even more volume. But my mom suffers from thin hair structure, so she tried the 2 month supply of 60 vitamin tablets of Hairbreed – one every day. The price is ÂŁ 16,99. The product will help you get stronger and longer hair. Your hair will look smoother and healthy, as if transformed. The tablets will also prevent dandruff en take care of your scalp. But did it work?

Yes, it did! My mom’s hair feels stronger and looks healthier. She doesn’t have much hair loss now. She doesn’t need to wash it very often anymore, because her hair remains clean for a longer time. She says it’s easier to style her hair now which saves her a lot of time in the morning. Also after dying her hair in the meantime, she didn’t experience the damage and breakage she usually has after the process. Slight disappointment is the fact that her hair hasn’t gain much volume, though we expected that to happen. Also her hair hasn’t grown faster, so for hairgrowth this product is more focused on the long term – if you’re hair is healthier, you don’t have to cut it as much so you will be able to grow your hair long without damage and split ends. Even though there are some cons, my mom is very excited about the product. She ordered a 6 month supply to see how her hair will transform over the time. Says enough, right?


  • Less hairloss
  • Hair looks healthier and stronger
  • You don’t need to wash your hair as often, if you suffer from greasy hair
  • Hair is better to handle, easier to style the way you like
  • Better to handle means less time in front of the mirror in the morning!
  • Less damage, less breakage


  • No extra volume
  • Does not really stimulate hair grow, but does improve the quality of the hair

Do you want to try Hairbreed yourself? If you want to order the product, use this unique code to get 15 % discount: hbf4MV2ShK!