5 Must-Read Tips To Make Your Instagram Grow Within Short Period of Time!


With over a 2.4K followers (edit April 30th: over 6.7K followers), I’ve spend a lot of time investing on my social media platform Instagram and I’m still learning to develop my growing skills. Instagram is besides Facebook and Snapchat one of the most popular social media tools these days, so having a blog without an Insta is like having a burger without fries – it’s just not an option.

Lately I’ve been busy doing a lot of research so I could create a smart and effective plan on how to grow that 2K into a nice, attractive and ambitious 5K. Because yes, everything starts with a goal and nothing is impossible as long you have the will and the strength to work hard for it. That 3K extra won’t appear from itself, and hell no, I ain’t gonna pay a dime to have that number increased (some people really do that shit apparently).

Because I’m not the selfish type, I will share my research with you guys. Growing on my own isn’t as fun as growing together, right? So let’s check my findings.

  • Post frequently

Once a day, use the Previous app (free tool) to schedule your posts. You can make a week schedule, of course don’t forget to stay spontaneous too! People are curious, they love to know what you’re up to at this exact moment – so don’t post stuff that’s not relevant anymore, unless it’s a throwback thursday post, then it’s allowed to have that nice reunion with friends you had ages ago posted again.

  • Socialize: like, comment, follow yourself


The balance of life: give and take. You can’t expect people to like your pictures if you don’t give them anything back. You’re not Kim Kardashian (be happy about that), who’s known all over the world. You’re not known, so let your voice be heard. Speak up, socialize and get active.

  • Use popular hashtags

Most common hashtags: #love #instagood #instadaily #girl #me #followforfollow #f4f #l4l #likeforlike #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #tbt #followme #happy

Make sure to stay updated on this (find all hashtags on Top-Hashtags), and also don’t hashtag just to hashtag, make sure it has a link with what you’re sharing otherwise it’s just an attention call.

  • Do the follow – unfollow trick, but play the game wise

giphy (1)

Don’t be that asshole that’s just following EVERYONE like crazy, to unfollow them one week later and repeating the whole process a thousand times. That’s just being mean. What might be interesting is to follow accounts that post about the same themes as your account (for instance, in my case fashion and beauty). When they follow back, great, then you can socialize. If they don’t follow you back, don’t waste your time and unfollow them. That’s how you play the follow – unfollow game in a healthy way. Unfollowing your unfollowers can be done easily with the Unfollow All application.

What’s the most effective way on getting a follow back? Here are some statistics I got from Shopify:

  1. Follow: 14% followback
  2. Follow + Like: 22% followback
  3. Follow + Like + Comment: 34% followback

Interesting numbers, right? So it’s best to choose the last step. It demands more time, but you’ll have more followers in the end so it’ll be worth it.

  • Build a loyal audience and stay authentic

Creating a fake image is often very tempting, most people intend to use social media as an escape. But remember to stay true to who you are. Build an audience that could be your friends in real life. Remember to stay patient and don’t get discouraged when you’re not getting response immediately. Growing your Insta takes time, especially when you want to achieve a high follower rating for free. Just try your hardest and you’ll get there. If not today, then tomorrow.

You want more tips and tricks on how to grow your blog and its social media? Let me know, I’ve been writing a Blog Guide a while ago and I’m thinking about sharing it.

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