My everyday makeup look for work


Hi readers,

Today I will be sharing my everyday makeup look with you guys. It’s the look I wear for work, so it’s very clean looking and professional. That’s necessary because if you work for a brand like Longchamp, you need to take care of your appearance of course. What I consider most important in my makeup routine is that I get to adjust the shape of my eyes with eyeliner. I absolutely love creating a cat eye, I think it’s very feminine and elegant. So my key items are eyeliner (I prefer liquid), mascara, foundation, mineral powder, eyebrow pencil and lipstick/lipgloss/lipbalm. I try to keep things natural, so not overdoing anything. The trick is to accentuate your treasures and cover your flaws. Like for instance, I suffer from acne around my cheeks and chin. Using the right products I somehow managed to control it, but I still don’t have the clear skin I want (some people think I overreact a bit, but whenever I see a spot I kinda freak out LOL). So I want to cover those flaws and accentuate the one thing I like about myself, my eyes. That way you’re using makeup the right way. If you’re suffering from acne as well, don’t forget to read the labels on the products and buy only dermatolically tested and non comedogenic! Very important.

Product list:

Essence Lash Princess Mascara
L’Oréal Accord Parfait Foundation
Benefit Brow Pencil
Benefit High Brow Pencil
La Roche-Posay Mineral Powder
Bourjois Liquid Eyeliner
Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipgloss

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