August Instagram Updates You Can’t Miss


Hi readers,

Today I’ll be sharing my latest Instagram posts with you! If you’re not a follower yet, don’t hestitate: follow me.

July was a month filled with a lot of work and all though august will bring me a pretty tight schedule too, it will be more relaxing for me since sales are over right now. I had the pleasure to see my grandma again after 4 weeks, I was beyond delighted. I also adjusted my style a little bit, couldn’t say goodbye to that rock chick inside of me so I decided to wear my leather jacket and all stars again – lol.

I hope august will bring me even more joy and happiness, but I am certainly on my way to create the life I always wanted. It’s been two months since I moved out at my mom’s place and it was very natural for me to settle down at my own apartment. I was lucky to feel at home immediately and I really love the fact that I get to make my own decisions and have responsibility. It’s given me more confidence and strength. Right now I feel like I’m ready for the next step: a pet. Yeah, really! I’m going to buy a rabbit. I could use some company after work and a fluffly pet would be perfect to cuddle in the sofa at night. I have all the preparations ready and I’ll keep you guys updated. I already have a name for her (yes, it’ll be a girl): Fleur. Of course she’ll spam my Instagram. So if you’re a rabbit fan, you definitely need to follow me!

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