On My Zaful Wishlist: Lace Long Sleeve Bodysuit


Hi readers,

So here I am again, bragging about Zaful! Now they also have lace long sleeve bodysuits available on their online store, definitely worth to check out. Bodysuits are lately very much seen in the fashion industry, and they make a beautiful combination with high waist jeans. Today I’ll be sharing another wishlist with you dear readers, don’t forget to share/like/respond.

  • Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blenders


I have a LOT of makeup (way too much, it’s a shame, really) but a lack of brushes. So tbh, most of my makeup I apply with my hands, like for instance eyeshadow and foundation. It’s a bit silly, I know. Zaful offers good quality brushes at great prices.


Every girl loves jewelry. I absolutely love this 3 piece necklace. It looks so expensive!


Another lovely 3 piece layered necklace, I am a huge fan of chokers! This one has a sort of rockchick vibe, which fits my style perfectly. Especially the velvet detail is gorgeous!


Wearing a lot of rings is very on trend right now. I actually never wear rings, but I want to give it a try. I’m not sure if I’m going to wear them all together, because it might be too much. I’ll see but I really like them!


A girl can never have enough bracelets. I love the colors of this one, the soft pastel blue faux leather with gems with a silver finishing.

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