My Zaful Jewelry Haul

Hi guys,

Remember I shared my wishlist from Zaful some time ago (click here to read)? Well today I received two packages with my items and I’m very delighted to share them with you. Zaful has excellent service. I received all information about my delivery in my mailbox. I am very happy with my new haul!


This velvet necklace / choker is so gorgeous, I really love the simplicity of the design and the soft grey color. It really fits my style. Also the vintage moon ring set was a very nice choice, I am very satisfied with the products I received. Nice quality, excellent service and fast shipping.


You can create any look you want with this set of rings, for only 3 $.


I mean, what’s not to like about this? All the brushes and sponges I needed, all in once! This will be so practical to apply all my makeup, I absolutely love it.


I love a little glits and glam once in a while, so this bracelet will definitely help me sparkle! I love the silver strap and the light blue shades of the pearls and teardrop diamonds.


Yup, this is definitely my favorite. I’m gonna wear this gold gorgeous layered necklace a lot I think. Thank you so much, Zaful!

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