Rosegal & Dresslily outfit combination

Hi lovelies,

Today I’ll be writing about Rosegal and Dresslily, can’t help but love their products! So I received another great haul filled with so much potential new outfits *shopaholic alert* – I am so excited to share these items with you guys. I’ve been looking forward to receiving this packages for weeks so it’s great that I am finally able to show you brand new style ideas for the new season.

The first items I’ll be talking about are from Dresslily, a wonderful online fashion store with a variety of styles at affordable prices. I ordered the Three of Life Strand Bracelet, a very trendy accessory that can be easily combined with different types of clothing – casual and chic. I also like the pink color, very vivid and also feminine looking. I also got a Moon Shape Hollow Out Tattoo Choker. As you may know as a loyal reader, I am fond of chokers. I think it adds that little touch of rock ’n roll to an outfit, which I like a lot. Then I got myself a pair of Skinny Leggings, they look like jeans but they are leggings. Quite tight tbh, but I think it looks nice with a long sweat or something like that so you can show off those skinny legs of yours ha! Last but not least from Dresslily (and probably my fav), this Letter Graphic Cropped Hoodie. I loooove cropped hoodies, so comfy yet fashionable. And with a funny text, why not? I like making a statement once in a while.


The second items I’ll be introducing are from Rosegal. Rosegal is another great online platform where fashionista dreams come true. Great fashion deals at the best quality! I received this pair of Suede Button Cable Knitted Snow Boots in this gorgeous army green shade. They are soooo comfortable! Really, it’s like walking on cushions. Love it, love it! Another item I received was the Focallure Waterproof Matt Lips 3Pcs Set. I absolutely adore the shades, they look beautiful on my lips. Unfortunately it’s making my lips quite dry, but I still enjoy wearing them for work of in my free time so I am satisfied with the product.

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