Wordmakeup Wishlist: a dream come true for makeup lovers


Hi dear readers,

Have you ever heard of Wordmakeup from Greatbuy Co.? They have the most amazing makeup collection ever seen, really! Beauty lovers, you’re definitely gonna love this. They sell wholesale makeup at incredible prizes, it’s a dream for makeup artists and lovers like myself. So if you’re looking for the best makeup, check out Wordmakeup.com, you’ll get high quality products at good deals.

So how did this firm begin its succesful story? Greatbuy Co. started in 2006. They are the ultimate agent for the most popular brands of cosmetics. Because they have a cooperative relationship with large cosmetic factories in Asia, they get to make great offers for customers. They are worldwide, from America to Australia, you name it. Not only do they have great products, they also provide a good customer service. What’s more to say, go visit this webshop right away and discover it yourself 😀

Today I’ll be sharing my wishlist with you, guys.


Off course, as a matt lipstick addict, it’s a bit of a scandal that I haven’t tried the Kylie lipstick collection yet. So finally I’ll have my chance to discover these four gorgeous shades, perfect for my work. Simple, yet stunning.


Secondly, I’ve chosen another amazing must have for makeup fans: the well known NAKED palette. Perfect for everyday use, with every basic shade you can imagine. I’m honestly curious if this eyeshadow will last longer than the palettes I have from MUA and I Heart Makeup. I really hope so! And I’ll keep you darlings updated without doubt.


What’s better than to have everything in one palette? From day to night, this makeup palette from Lancôme is absolutely gorgeous. Can’t wait to try it out, really! It looks amazing and very accessible to use during the day, easy to bring with you in your purse. Perfect!


I’m kinda not into foundation lately, I prefer letting my skin breathe once in a while. That’s why I’m a fan of BB cream, it’s not as thick as a foundation and it’s more natural looking. It’s also not bad for the skin, which I think is a bonus especially when you suffer from skin conditions and you need to be careful. So I think I’m gonna try this YSL BB cream.

What about you, lovelies? Have you ever tried one of these products? Feel free to share your experience below! I would love to hear from you! If you’re liking my posts, make sure to follow me on several social networks! Sharing is caring 😉

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