DIY Beauty Get Natural! Series: Intensive Hairgrowth & Repair Formula

get natural series

Hi sweeties,

Today another Get Natural! series post. I will be sharing a new recipe for an intensive hairgrowth and repair formula. I’ve been lightening my hair again and because I don’t want


I took a photo of my hair length now, and I will take a new one next month (December) to see the difference. Because I just dyed my hair, it’s gonna be an easy measure, because I’ll see the exact centimeters on my roots. I’m very curious and excited about this!

The magic ingredients for your massive hairgrowth formula:

  • Castor oil: good for skin and hair, I put in on my skin every night before I go to sleep and the results are mesmerizing!
  • Honey: good for hairgrowth, also good when you want to lighten your hair
  • Coconut oil: perfect when you suffer from dry hair
  • Coffee: stimulates hairgrowth
  • Apple cider vinegar shampoo I made (1/2 water, 1/2 apple vinegar juice, roses essential oil): apple cider vinegar cleans the hair thoroughly and balances the pH value of your hair
  • Lemon juice: perfect for general hair care and freshening

Important tips when you’re planning on growing your hair:

  1. Don’t comb it when it’s wet, the hair’s very vulnerable after washing
  2. Give yourself a head massage while washing your hair or applying a conditioner or mask, it stimulates hair growth, makes the blood flow easily
  3. Comb it often
  4. Don’t wash it too much, it’s not good for your hair
  5. Don’t use heating products like a straightener or blow dryer too often, it damages the hair
  6. Might be a bit surprising: cut your hair frequently. Having split ends prevents the hair from growing, it causes breakage, so cutting it now and then will help you grow your hair in a healthy way

I will keep you guys updated about this!
Don’t hesitate to share your tips for a faster, natural hairgrowth. I’d love to read your experiences.


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