Outfit of the day: cold days brrr

Hi lovelies,

We can say summer is over, it’s freezing outside. And all though I love the atmosphere of the summer, I appreciate the cold season too. It’s cosy and makes me wanna cuddle up with a nice, hot cup of coco in the sofa. I’m also excited about Christmas coming up. It’s a beautiful time of the year, bringing families together and spoiling each other with gifts.

Today’s outfit is very basic. It’s my day off and I slept so long I actually didn’t have time to really think about my look. But my makeup is succesful, because of the coldness outside I felt like creating a warm, bronze like makeup look. I also did some contouring, still need some practice though.

Outfit details:

Jacket – Second hand

Sweater – Forever21

Jeans – Peuterey

Shoes – Converse

Bag – Longchamp

Necklace – Gift from my mom ❤

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