Beauty: Efolar Concealer Review

Hi readers,

About a month ago I ordered a concealer 2-in-1 from Efolar via the Wish application. I paid only 2 euros for the product delivery included, so my expectations were not that high (I just wanted to give it a try). Today I will be sharing my thoughts with you about this product, because the results are beyond amazing!

First I’ll describe the product. It’s a 2-in-1 concealer, liquid and a stick (as they call it, the beautiful concealer). The description at the back says it’s a moisturizing concealer pen, adopts a double combination. The upper part is the concealer pen and the lower part is the concealer. It has a soft texture and it’s a delicate but effective cover for spots. Perfect for people who suffer from acne. It’s not greasy and makes the skin bright.

Okay, so now I will give you my opinion about it. I also took some before and after pictures so you can see the results. I put the concealer on my bear face. My face imperfections are: dark circles below my eyes, acne scars on my chin and redness. This product did exactly what it promised, my skin looks fresh in a natural way! I absolutely love it. My redness is gone, my skin feels smooth, I look more awake… For only 2 euros!

Score: 10/10

I am definitely going to buy this product again without doubt.

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