Making money with blogging: things you should know before you start


Hi readers,

I wasn’t sure if I’d publish this post, because maybe some of you might think that I’m earning an income out of this – which isn’t the case. My main income is from working for Longchamp of course. But I do make some profit out of blogging and I thought it would be useful for some of you to discover how to do it and more specifically, what’s important when you negotiate with companies.

Here are some things you must know:

  • Social media is crucial : Companies look at one thing first: your followers base. So don’t expect to earn much if your rates are low. The more followers, the more collaboration opportunities you will get. Of course they don’t look at your numbers only, they also check if you have a loyal reader audience. But most of them stick to the followers count. If it’s low, they’ll probably won’t look further anyway. If you want to increase your followers count, focus on the 2 most important social media platforms: Instagram and Facebook.
  • Pick wisely : Once you get your first collab, many will follow by time because companies will notice that you do advertisements for other firms. It shows your work and it’s good to mention in your Media Kit (this is like your personal blog resume where you put your work experience, your blog themes and your followers and visitors count). Once you start writing for companies, you have to be smart. You will get lots of offers. Even from firms that don’t really represent your blog as a brand. Maybe you’re a fashionblogger just like me and you get a collab proposal from a led lights company. This has nothing similar with your topics, so why should you take the proposal anyway? Money ain’t everything. Stick to your themes. Your blog is your brand and readers will appreciate it when you stay loyal to that.
  • Know your worth : It’s sad to say, but companies take advantage of bloggers all the time – especially bloggers who are new to the business. Don’t get me wrong, if you have a low followers base, of course you won’t get paid a fortune to write a post. But you still put your effort in the writing, the sharing, the image editing, etcetera. So don’t let them fool you, set up a realistic price based on your experience and audience and don’t accept any offers below that number – negotiate wisely (you’re an independent business woman, my dear! 🙂 ) and know your worth. Blog articles are often a cheap way of advertising for many companies, but they are very valuable. Loyal readers will value your opinion as a writer more than a random 20 second advertisement on television – because they feel bound to you as a friend. They’ll take your worth on it that a product is worth buying.

I hope these tips helped you out as a blogger, once you get collaboration opportunities.. I wish I had this advice when I started in the business, because I wasn’t aware of this information at all.

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11 reacties op ‘Making money with blogging: things you should know before you start

    1. Een blog hebben vraagt veel tijd, dat weet ik… Ik werk zelf ook voltijds buiten mijn blog. Wat ik doe, is op voorhand mijn posts maken. Dan plan ik ze in “schedule”. Op die manier kan ik op mijn vrije dagen toch al een aantal posts schrijven en ze spreiden over de week qua inplanning. Dat maakt dat je er niet elke avond mee bezig hoeft te zijn, plus je hebt meer bezoekers zo op die manier en je kan analyseren op welke tijdstippen je het meeste respons krijgt 🙂

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