Me time: the best care products for skin and hair

me time

Hi readers,

As a woman (and also for men!), it is absolutely necessary to take care of your appearance. We have extremely high expectations in society. Being skinny, having a healthy and glowy matte skin, having long gorgeous hair, … Of course it’s not possible to be perfect all the time. We all have those days when we don’t feel like doing the whole package, but just sticking to the necessities. We’re not robots. But I do believe that a me time moment once a week can make you feel more beautiful and happier inside and out. Taking care of yourself is a ritual where you get to spoil you, where you get to have that feeling of: I am important and worthy. That’s why I am very much into this on my blog, because I believe that every woman should have her own me time moment in the bathroom. Whether it’s a long bath or a whole skin care ritual – whatever makes you feel good about yourself. It can make a difference.

Today I’ll be sharing my product list with you. These work for me perfectly, but of course I also think that you should choose products that fit your hair and skin type. So I don’t guarantee that these will have the same mindblowing effect on you as on me. But maybe if you also suffer from a mixed dry and greasy, acne sensitive skin and very dry frizzy and easily breakable hair, then maybe you can try the same products as me.

I put attention to different things:

  • My hair: Garnier Ultra Doux Mythische Olijven (Olive) Caring Cream
  • My face: Freeman Anti-Stress Dead Sea Minerals Clay Mask, Castor Oil + New Look Gradual Glow Tanning Lotion
  • My body: Nivea + New Look Instant Tan Bronzing Gel Light to Medium, Avène Clearance Hydra Comforting Cream
  • My feet: Yves Rocher Foot Deodorant Cream Lavender + Mint

I also ordered an Instant and Pain Free Hair Remover from Wish, because I really had enough with shaving constantly (my skin was really getting irritated and started bleeding every time). It really works! I’m so happy I tried it, really.

So whenever I feel like having a me time moment, I try to do the full package. Taking care of everything. My hair, my skin, … like a little makeover. It makes me feel fresh.

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