My Christmas Wishlist

my christmas wishlist

Hi everyone,

Christmas ain’t that far away. Days have passed by so quickly lately, since I’ve been working a day is nothing anymore. It’s all over immediately. This month I won’t have much time for blogging, because I’ll have to work 6 days a week, and I also want to have some quality time with my boy 😉 But of course there’s always time for wishlists, right? So today I’ll be sharing my personal Christmas wishlist with you guys.

  • UGG Australia Boots

I admit: love it or hate it. Some people are crazy about Uggs, like for instance me. I’m especially fond of the models with the two ribbons, if they have glitter on it I’m beyond excited haha! I think it’s because I’m a girl or something. I loooove the pink ones, but I think they’re a bit too much maybe… so I’d rather go for the black or brown pair.

  • Bags, bags and even more bags

Yup, I am addicted to buying bags. Blame it on Longchamp, lol! Working there has not done me good for my wallet, honestly that’s why I need to work more 😛 Now I know the trends for the next season, I bought myself some great models on Wish. A great gift for myself, right? I’ve chosen black for the left bag, and a lovely warm caramel shade for the right one. I adore the hippie touch for the new season, but I also think a more classic design is essential in every woman’s wardrobe. For a night out, the left bag would be perfect.

  • Creeper platform shoes

Schermafdruk 2017-12-03 22.17.25

A bit alternative, I admit. But looks nice with a simple jeans. They’re a bit goth, but that’s what I like about these shoes. I also ordered them with Wish at a good price. I’ve wanted to buy them for years, so I’m glad I finally did. I’m also a fan of the plaid printed fabric on the inside.

  • LG Smart TV worth € 599

Schermafdruk 2017-12-03 22.40.30

For Christmas I could not let this amazing deal of Proximus go – they offer a € 599 worth TV for € 69 in combination with a monthly Tuttimus package of internet, television, mobile and cellphone. So soon I’ll finally have a TV in my own place. I’m so happy!

  • Cosy times with the people I love


Of course, what I love the most about these times, is going for dinner or visit local Christmas markets, party, with the people I love the most in my life. That’s what matters the most to me. Holidays bring people together, which is absolutely beautiful.

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