3 great outfit ideas for the holidays

3 great outfits

Hi readers,

Finding a great outfit for the holidays isn’t that simple. I’m still searching for the perfect look, after a couple of weeks I finally found a dress which I liked! Now I’m still looking for the perfect pair of shoes and a nice clutch.

Today I made 3 inspirational sets with Polyvore for the holiday season, combinations I’d make for myself. Be creative, use Polyvore and try some looks of your own. Don’t forget to follow us!

Schermafdruk 2017-12-07 17.53.41

The first look contains a velvet dress (I love the materials) combined with shiny and puffy details, like for instance the jacket, key ring and pumps. The clasp of the Mademoiselle bag of Longchamp also adds a very luxurious detail, made of high quality calf skin leather with the best professional finishing. As for the colors, I’ve chosen dark mysterious Gothic like shades, kind of the Lorde vibe coming back 😉 This look is for the daring ladies!

Schermafdruk 2017-12-07 18.08.07

The second look had another contrast in materials which I think are very in fashion these days, and they do add a very interesting touch to simple pieces like a blouse and legging. If you want to wear leggings during the holidays, don’t go for a regular pair. These days even panties are fancy looking, with leather details or glitter – name it, they have it. As for the shoes, I’ve chosen ankle boots with a gorgeous feminine floral print.

Schermafdruk 2017-12-07 18.19.53

Last but not least, the third look contains a lot of gold. During this time of the year, a woman needs to sparkle. Add pearls, add glitter and glam, just go for it – but keep it balanced. I’ve chosen a simple black dress with lace finishing. To make it pop more, I added a stylish, layered necklace. The heels are a real statement, especially combined with the crossbody bag.

What are your plans for the holidays? What are you ladies gonna wear?

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