Holiday Shopping: OOTD, thrift shops and lovely company of my mom

2017-12-20_17.20.59 (1)

Hi sweeties,

Today was my day off, and damn did I enjoy it! I went to Desiré De Lille, a local restaurant in the center of Antwerp where they sell waffles, ice cream and more sweet guilty pleasures. My mom and I planned a day together to have some quality time, chatting and babbling about everything while taking time to eat and shop. A perfect combination. After we went to the restaurant and enjoyed our food, we went for shopping. Off course thrift shopping was part of the plan and we found some great new items. Let me share this trip with you guys.


Outfit details:

Jacket – New Look
Cardigan – H&M
Blouse – Local shop
Skirt – H&M
Boots – H&M
Bag – Longchamp (brand new bag!)


It was delicious!


New bag I got from Wish for the holidays.


New eyeshadow shades 🙂


New jacket from Object at the thrift store. Love it, keeps me warm during the cold season.


Happy holidays

3 reacties op ‘Holiday Shopping: OOTD, thrift shops and lovely company of my mom

  1. Staat je super, wat een leuke blog.
    Ik zou de jas combineren met een kleurrijke jas hih.Tip bij c & a lejke sjaals en vorige week was 1+1 gratis mish nog steeds wel 🙂

    Hip en trendy tasje🤗xxxx😃😛😄😍🎉🐇

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