The advantages of taking a break


Hi readers,

This month I took a break. Not only from blogging, but also from buying. Taking a break can be associated with many things, positive and negative. Positive, as in vacation or time for yourself. Negative, as in a type a failure as if you can’t handle your current projects – weakness, maybe? With society focusing on burn outs and mental health problems, craving a break may sound like you’ve given up.

I’ve always been a productive person. Being busy and achieving goals is definitely my thing. But I do believe that taking a break in these hectic times gives the opportunity for myself to get new ideas and get inspired. Breaking the routine definitely has its advantages to get a clear view on how your life’s going.

The same with buying. I ended up buying makeup and clothes I didn’t need, just to make myself feel better. While I needed to face the fact that my mind and body needed to relax, I thought buying a new set of earrings would heal the “wound”. It does, but only temporarely. You can’t buy stress away.


Taking a break may demand yourself to take a look in the mirror. How’s my life currently going? Do I feel good about myself? Do I like how I’m spending my time? Do I have goals and what do I want to achieve in the near future? All these questions may pop up into your head. While taking time to figure this out, you may find out that you’re not happy at all with how you’re living your life now. You can’t ignore what your inner you is telling you. Work may distract you from what that voice inside is telling you, but in the end the voice will always get louder until you have no choice but hearing it. Are you happy?!


While taking my own break, I realized I am very happy with my relationship, my job and my family. I feel like I’m growing up, diving into the next stage of life. That all is a blessing. What I had to face too, is my insecurity. Because I am commiting myself to my boyfriend, I’m also dealing with doubts. Not doubts about our relationship, doubts about myself. I am scared to take it to the next level. We are planning on living together (we already do, but were moving into a bigger apartment, I still consider this apartment as my own) and it’s exciting and frightening all at the same time. Stupid as it may sound.


I also lost my dog at the beginning of this month, so I had to take the time to grieve (I still am). The picture up above is the last one I had with him, and he will always have a place in my heart. Protecting yourself from stressing out is crucial, as I have learned in the past. Be kind for yourself and don’t expect too much – being okay is enough.

But I guess this is all part of growing up, right?


I also realized I need my blog. I need to write more, instead of filling this space with pictures with no text. I don’t want to write because I feel like I have to, I want to write when I feel like it. I want to write content that makes people think. From a twenty something girl for a twenty something audience. We’re all facing the same shit, we might as well help each other out and getting social, right?

How do you feel about taking a break?

7 reacties op ‘The advantages of taking a break

  1. Mooie post en sterkte met het missen je hond.mooie herrinderings foto.maar snap dat het moeilijk blijft heb zelf ook een hond dus snap hoe erg je gehecht was aan hem.sterkte wat een lieverdje …hij is nu in de dierenhemel…op instagram heb ik diesels_leven en daar kun je foto’s zien van mijn 4 voeter liefs

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