What’s in my bag?


Hi sweeties,

Okay, so everyone seems to do this kind of blogpost and I kinda felt like I had to do this too, haha. No, seriously, every single fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger has written a “What’s in my bag?” post. I don’t have secrets considering what’s in my bag so I might as well share this too.

At first, let me talk about my bag itself. It’s one of the most famous bags of Longchamp, Le Pliage. I have one in orange, and you can also get one of your own if you like because orange is currently in the collection. Le Pliage has been launched in 1993, one year before I was born. Yes, this bag tells a story! Originally designed for travelling, the Pliage collection is now everywhere on the street: handbag, schoolbag, grocery shopping bag, city trip backpack, … It’s all over the place.

You can tell, I work for Longchamp. But it’s not because I work for the brand that I believe it is good quality, it’s because I carry the bags myself and because I can see the quality is beyond fantastic. I enjoy the different colors, styles and leather types. My Pliage bag is with me all the time, especially for work I love the L1623 size. It’s a medium size with short handles which fits all my belongings easily. I can really recommend this.


So here you can see a picture of me with my bag. But what’s hidden inside? Y’all wanna know, I can spot your curiosity behind the computer screen 😉

Little Notebook – Because I have a head full of ideas (way too much ideas sometimes), I need my little notebook to write them down. Sometimes when I’m on the bus, I get an idea of a blogpost or makeup/outfit look. Of course I can use my mobile phone to save the ideas, but I prefer to write it down. My phone’s battery isn’t unlimited either and a note book will never let me down.

Lunch box – Like every other human being I bring my lunch box with me for the lunch break on work. What I eat most of the time? Sandwich.

Hair brush – When having my break, I do my morning routine partly for the second time. Brushing my hair, powdering my nose, putting on lipstick and perfume, … Because I work in a luxury store it’s important to look good and to take care of my appearance.


Deodorant – If I had to choose between makeup, my brush and my deodorants, I would definitely bring my deodorants with me. I can’t stand the thought of not being fresh, so I use these on a frequent base to have a good scent. My fav at the moment: Play it lovely by Playboy and a Fresh Step foot spray by Scholl. Because I wear leather shoes at work I also use a foot deodorant.

Make-up bag – Hidden in my Longchamp pouch: L’Oréal True Match powder and several lipsticks. All my emergency makeup basically.

Wallet – I bought this Longchamp wallet in sale, and absolutely love it. It’s huge, but my bags are mostly huge too so that makes a good set 😀 The leather is very nice, it’s from the Foulonné collection from which I also own a bag from (click here to read about that bag).


Tic Tac mints – After lunch, always a Tic Tac (or two, or three, or four, …). I couldn’t finish a meal without, it became part of the routine.

Magazines – I need my daily read while lunch. Either online, or a paper magazine about the latest gossip and fashion trends. It’s relaxing.

Earplugs – Because I’m not taking the bus to work, I don’t need my earplugs that often. I am approximately ten minutes away from work, so listening to music isn’t really an option. But I do need them with me, just in case if I need to do some shopping beforehand or afterwards.

What do you have in your bag?

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