Aprils Mood Board

Hi dear readers 🙌🏻

I’m going to introduce a brand new topic on my blog: Mood Boards. Mood boards are known as inspirational boards concluding a specific theme that connects the images, creating a unique atmosphere.

During April, my new flat was the most memorable item of course. Let’s see what moments are worth sharing.

Fashionlover as I am, I spoiled myself with a new bag: Le Pliage Neo in silver, made by Longchamp. I also did several outfit combinations I am planning to share with you loves. For my nails, I used the Sally Hansen 190 Blushed Petal, with a finishing gel coat from Essence. I gave my hair a lovely summer look with L’Oréal highlights.

I love good food. Though I’m not the greatest cook on the planet (my bf can confirm that 🙈), my mac and cheese this month was to die for. I love the fact that I have an oven right now, makes cooking much easier and gives me more options. 4th of April was my bf’s birthday, so I spoiled him with a romantic breakfast. Furthermore, April was filled with coffee☕️ and Desperate Housewives.

Last but not least, LadyFien did enjoy the first sunshine on our terrace 🐰☀️

Want to stay in touch? I’m very active on Insta lately, make sure to follow @outfitvandedagblog 💋✨

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