My Day Off: Cupcakes and Pink Vibes

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Hi dear readers,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve really updated my blog and social media. But right now I’m back, sharing some projects of my day off with you guys. Today I was off from work, and I enjoyed it doing my household like a desperate housewive! It’s so funny, once you live with your man and you have a job, you really turn into this housewive – whatever your age is. I’m 23, but for about a year I have this strong feeling wanting to take care of everything. Caring about someone else. I really enjoy doing household, cooking and cleaning. And doing it for myself wasn’t the same as doing it for my boyfriend, it’s more fun with two right? Unfortunately because of a lack of time I’m not able to get everything as nice and perfect as I want, but it’s okay. I’m not gonna put pressure on myself.

Today I tried something new: I baked cupcakes. Never thought of myself as a cosy-cookie-baking-lady, but here I am, staying at home after grocery shopping, baking a bunch of cute cupcakes.

Foto 14-06-18 14 01 21_preview

Okay, it’s not perfect. The cake turned out amazing, but hell, the topping was something else! Not easy, if I could say. But it doesn’t matter, I enjoyed myself and it actually turned out really good. The cupcakes tasted amazing 🙂

Foto 14-06-18 13 43 04_preview

My second project was washing my sneakers. I knew All Stars turned out good when putting them in the washing machine, but I had no idea if I could do the same thing with my Nikes. Anyway, I took the risk. I put both of my sneakers in a blanket and I washed them on 30 degrees, which I found after some research on the internet.

Here’s how they turned out:

Foto 14-06-18 13 43 19_preview

Not all stains were gone, but they sure are white! No disasters, no shrinking and a lovely fresh scent. I am happy I took the risk to try it.

As for today I also had a cute outfit, a real “Pink Lady” look:

Foto 14-06-18 10 04 14_previewFoto 14-06-18 10 00 13_previewFoto 14-06-18 09 58 57_previewFoto 14-06-18 09 58 37_previewFoto 14-06-18 09 58 05_preview

Striped top – H&M
Trousers – Local store
Boho sandals – Primark (current collection)
Bag – Longchamp Le Pliage

For makeup I did my everyday routine. My L’Oréal powder as a base, some concealer to fresh up, Max Factor golden glitter eyeshadow, Bourjois brown cat eyeliner and Catrice mascara.

Hope y’all are having a great time.

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