Travelguide: 5 tips when traveling to Barcelona, Spain

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Hi readers,

As I promised when sharing my photolog from Barcelona, I’m giving you 5 useful tips when you’re planning your trip to Barcelona. Things you should be prepared for, must sees, good places to eat and more. Are you one of the lucky bastards that gets to visit this city of Spain? Then this post will be your gift from heaven! 😉

First I’ll share with you some information about Barcelona city. Barcelona is the biggest city of the Catalonia area, with a large population of 1.6 million people. The city has a huge cultural heritage, which makes it very attractive for tourists. It is located on the northeast coast, facing the Mediterranean Sea. As for the climate, Barcelona has mild winters and hot summers. This summer was exceptional with very high temperatures.

The most famous places to visit in Barcelona is the FC Barcelona Camp Nou Olympic Stadium, the Sagrada Familia church, Las Ramblas street, Barcelona Port & Maremagnum Shopping center and Park Guell.

Barcelona is a great destination for traveling when looking for a mix between the beach, the city and cultural events and activities. For those who are looking for more than sun, sea and sand, Barcelona will be a good choice for a trip, where you can have so much more.

1° Get your tickets beforehand

Because of the popularity of the touristic events, it’s absolutely important that you buy your tickets online beforehand. Otherwise it could happen that you won’t be able to visit because there’s no place. We did that for the Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou. You can choose the day and hour, so you can make your personal travel plan when you do which activity. Print the tickets and take them with you. That way you’re well prepared.

2° Watch your things

Especially on Las Ramblas, it is very important to be aware of thieves. You need to watch your things constantly when you’re in a crowded touristic place. There are many horror stories on the internet which confirm that thieves in Barcelona work in groups, and even children and old men can’t be trusted. You should consider wearing a handbag that closes with a zipper and don’t attract attention in any way. Even we almost got robbed if my boyfriend wasn’t alert.

3° Learn basic Spanish

I know, it sounds a bit ridiculous just for a trip, but besides the touristic places in Barcelona a lot of Spanish people don’t understand English. It’s very useful to learn a couple of words, just in case you’re going to a more distant place. We are planning on learning Spanish too for our next trip. Also, we noticed that Spanish people really appreciate it when you adjust to their language. Think about it when you have a tourist in your country who makes the effort to speak the language, it’s always nice and polite.

4° Hotel & food recommendations

44977475We were staying at the Barcelona Airport Hotel and we ate frequently in their local restaurant, La Sal Marina. The food was very nice. I tried their paella, which was really on point. The hotel itself was very clean and modern. The service was OK, but one time we demanded the shuttle bus from the hotel to Las Ramblas and back, and the shuttle bus didn’t appear for our way back. It was disappointing because when we called the hotel, the employee just told us to take the metro instead of looking for a more service minded solution. It wasn’t all that bad, because that way we learned how and where to take the train which was convenient for us the day after. The pool of the hotel was also nice, but it looked way bigger on the pictures online. Our room was remarkable, it was what you expect from a four star hotel room. Most of the staff was heartwarmingly kind. Anyway, everything considered our stay was very good. We would definitely visit the hotel again when going there.

97_6A nice place to eat besides the hotel is Kurz & Gut the at the Maremagnum Shopping Center. If you’re a fastfood lover like us you’ll definitely love it. They have a dish with Spanish sausages, fries and eggs – it’s delicious! The waitresses there are also very friendly. You don’t need to wait long for your food at all and you have this amazing view over Port Barcelona.


5° Where to go when you are at Las Ramblas

Unfortunately, when we went to Las Ramblas we were kind of disappointed. It’s a lovely place, don’t understand me wrong. But it’s just a giant street of the same things: touristic markets, restaurants and dressed up people as an attraction. What we didn’t know, and we got to know that when we came back from our trip, is that the streets which cross the Ramblas road, are the most interesting. They have boutiques and are less crowded (and also less dangerous). It’s on our bucket list for the next time.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any more tips that aren’t mentioned in this blog post, please share them in the comment form below. Thank you for your attention ❤


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