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Hi readers,

This post is dedicated for all bloggers worldwide, since a lot of my visitors are having their own blog too I’d love to help them getting forward and reaching goals. Building your brand isn’t easy, especially in 2018 where you have so many influencers trying to make it and trying to earn money through the internet. That’s why I’ve written this blogpost, as a small blog guide for you.

Here are 5 easy steps that will make your blog successful:

1// Give it time

Rome wasn’t build in one day (we Belgians have a saying about that, I’m not sure if the Englishman use this sentence too). You can’t expect that your blog will have thousands of visitors on day 1. Or day 2. Or week 5. Don’t focus too much on the numbers. Maybe you have 1 particular reader who looks forward to your new blogpost every single time, and maybe your writings make his or her day better. That’s enough to be happy about, right? Appreciate the small achievements and give it time. Most famous bloggers have been blogging for over five years or longer, so why expect yourself to reach those targets when you’re just getting started?

2// Be active on social media

You can’t build your empire without social media. As a blogger it’s almost an obligation to have an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page. If you want to have success, it’s important to that you reach as much people as possible. When you don’t have any social media accounts, then your blog might disappear on the world wide web. But when you look at it from another perspective, it’s very interesting to make your blog well known through social media. Some bloggers have gain lots of readers because of Instagram. So keeping your accounts updated will definitely help you to get your blog to the next level. It might be more work, but you get the rewards of it at the end.

3// Engage with other bloggers

You want to have comments, shares and likes? It all starts with you. When you leave a comment, share and/or like a post of another blogger, they will likely give it back to you. That’s so wonderful about the blogger community, bloggers support each other. I’m not saying everyone, but let’s say 60% of all bloggers will give you something in return. Same with following, you can’t expect people to follow you if you don’t follow anyone yourself. Give and take, it’s as simple as that. When you engage you will receive more engagement too.

4// Work on your visual lay-outs

Visual lay-outs are very, very important when blogging. Of course your writing skills have to be on point, but the visual part may be as important as the writing itself. Would you like to read a book without a title, chapters, paragraphs or any structure? I guess not. The same with blogging. People don’t want to get headaches when they read your blogposts. They looove structure. Take my blog posts as an example: you have a title supported with an image, an introduction, the middle which contains the information I wanted to share and the end of the post which has the conclusion and an invitation to share your views in the comment form. The bold words are essential information I highlighted. And when you use images, make the color scheme attractive. For Instagram you can use the Preview app, it’s a good tool I can recommend.

5// Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s the same as in real life: comparing makes absolutely no sense. You’ll always find something better in another person. That’s what makes us different. The same with blogging, another blogger might be better at image editing or Instagram sharing. It doesn’t matter. You can be inspired by others, but don’t compare. It’s a waste of energy and you need to stay true to your own style. That’s your key to success.


If you have any more tips & tricks, feel free to share them in the comment form. To me it’s all about supporting each other, I hate jealousy and negativity – there’s plenty of that on the internet. Instead of doing that, it’s better to help each other grow and respect the fact that we are different.

Thank you for your attention & ‘til next time.

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    1. I need to remind myself to that too, because I am very unpatient.. but I’ve been blogging for five years now, this blog I have for over a year and it took me until the start of 2018 to get more views and followers. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, taking your time is okay 💕

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