Sunday Tea Break: Talking about pregnancy…

Hi readers,

You probably guessed it from the title: I am pregnant! My boyfriend and I are over the moon and very excited to start this new chapter in our lives. So for all those women who wonder how it feels to be pregnant: it’s a real rollercoaster! I am very happy of course, every day I fantasize about this small little human growing inside my belly. Dreaming about his or her looks, what he or she will be when he or she grows up. However I am proud, proud to take this new role in the future as mommy. I think it’ll fit me very well.

Currently I am in my seventh week. That means: early. More specifically: HORMONES. This are quite a challenge to deal with. To make things clear, here is a graphic which shows the level of HCG, estorgens and progesterone in the blood during the total 40 weeks of pregnancy.

hormones pregnancypregnancy-hormones-cartoon

You can imagine being an absolute bitch during the first weeks (guilty). HCG is the cause of this. You’ll never have this high level of hormones ever in your life, so your body will respond to it in many different ways. You’ll feel different as well. Of course you have the obvious changes: not getting your period, feeling nauseous, headaches, your boobs are big, tired as you just ran a marathon, back pain, swollen belly and a lot of bathroom visits… But there are also other things you will notice. Some women will experience symptoms harder than others, some women won’t even notice they’re pregnant (lucky bastards)! I thought at first I was with the lucky few, but now I notice definitely the typical symptoms and more extra’s: my hair’s an absolute mess (always greasy and itchy and ugh.), my skin’s filled with an overload of acne (my T-zone, my shoulders, my back) and my lips are dry. Anyone having this too? What I read on the internet is that it’s all connected with the high HCG level in your blood and that it’ll disappear once that level has been normalized. Let’s pray!


For the upcoming time I’ll post not as much as I used too, because I don’t have the energy unfortunately. But I’ll definitely keep blogging, adding this motherhood theme to OutfitVanDeDagBlog as well. Stay tuned, maybe you’re in this situation too (or planning to be) and then it’s always great to have each others back and support each other during this time!

Thank you for your attention,

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