novembers favorites

Hi lovelies,

Thanks for stopping by. Today’s blogpost will be about my favorite products of November, containing everything beauty-fashion-lifestyle related.

[1] Garnier BB Cream & Nivea Body Cream


The Garnier Skin Active BB cream is perfect for my sensitive, oily skin. It works actively in 5 different ways, not only does it mattify my face it also moisturizes and protects against UV. I bought the Nivea Q10 Plus body cream originally for my pregnancy, so I wouldn’t end up with stretch marks. But I still use it now, to make my skin firm. What I love about Nivea products is their scent.

[2] Mango Small Wallet – Mint Color


I have a couple of wallets, by far this one is my favorite. Not only does it look nice and minimalistic, it’s also practical to use. This was quite a challenge for me, finding a good system with my cards and money for both big and small bags. I’ve tried card holders, compact wallets and huge wallets – but this one is by far the best one. I always love the collections of Mango, their quality never lets me down. I can conclude the same with this purchase. I actually got this wallet from my boyfriend, he’s so sweet ❤

[3] Cien Anti Transpirant Spray for Black & White


I am beyond picky when it comes to deodorant. Normally I always use Dove, because I like the scent and it makes me feel fresh until the end of the day. Anyways, so when I was doing grocery shopping with my boyfriend I was in need of a new one and I thought: let’s try this. I have to say, it’s a great product! Because of this positive experience, I try more and more products of Cien. I also reviewed their mascara, which is also nice! 🙂

[4] Tommy Girl & Yves Rocher Perfume


It’s my second bottle of Tommy Girl now which I bought when we went to Barcelona on holiday, and I still love the fresh and light scent of this perfume. Also nice to know, this perfume isn’t expensive at all! I never spend much money on perfumes in general, because I never use the same scent every week, I prefer switching it once in a while just to keep things fresh. So as for the alternative, I have a couple of perfumes of Yves Rocher for instance and Zara. I also have the perfume of Christina Aguilera, which I can also recommend.

[5] Fashion #1 favorite: my beige cardigan


I bought this piece second hand for 4 euros. Seriously, I have worn it non-stop since I have it. Cardigans and blazers are the things I buy the most since I need to wear uniform to my job. Those are the best investments for my wardrobe really. What I love the most are the knitted cardigans. Beige, taupe and brown are my go-to colors, sounds quite boring but I love simplicity and classic tones.

That’s it for November, guys. I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost. Leave a comment below & don’t forget to share, like & follow! ❤ Thank you for your attention and I’ll see you next time 🙂

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