OOTD: Winter wear…are you ready for it?

Hi readers,

So today’s OOTD will be the last one with low-quality photos, since I am currently the owner of a brand new iPhone X thanks to my amazing boyfriend! ❤ I got the iPhone already as a Christmas present, and believe me, I am really spoiled. He’s so good to me, I can’t believe we’re already a year together! Hopefully we’ll get the chance to have a baby next year, fingers crossed we’ll be parents any time soon. But for now, we are beyond happy and crazy about each other.

Okay, enough about the love, time to talk about fashion. Today’s post includes a real winter outfit, since outside it’s freezing we’re about to switch over to winter mode. I’m thinking thick scarves, warm boots and gloves. I’ve worn the sweater which I got from Gallery’s, as shown in one of my previous posts. I combined it with a grey washed-off look jeans from The Sting and my high heeled boots from Sac d’Anvers. As for the handbag, I’m lately wearing my vintage Longchamp bag again which was a second hand bargain. I have an orange Pliage bag which combines really well with this leather edition, it adds some color to my winter look. My jacket is quite chic but simple from Benneton, also one of my many lucky second hand findings. And to keep me warm, I’ve worn one of my cosiest scarves and a pair of gloves with fake fur. What are you wearing with cold weather?

Boots are always a good choice during winter season. You have the comfort of keeping your legs warm ànd the feminine touch of a classy heel. Combine it with a pair of jeans for a casual look or switch to real date-wear with a romantic dress. I must admit that my boots are my most worn shoes with this type of weather, definitely a good investment.

For gloves this season, I prefer tight mattelassé leather for a classy look, finished with very soft fake fur. They look expensive but they’re not at all. I got them from my boyfriend last year when we went to Brussels, they were from a tourist shop 🙂

Don’t you just looove the glitter touch on this sweater? If you’re looking for one of your own, Gallery’s still has the sweater in their webshop. They have other colors available too.

Those who follow my Instagram will have seen this pic before, I’ve shared them on my page recently. Don’t you just love Antwerp city? I’ve been living in the center of Antwerp for over two years now, and I must say it’s such a vibrant city to live in. During the holidays Christmas lights make it all look so cosy. This pic was taken before Toneelhuis, or locally known as “Bourla”. It’s such a great neighbourhood. Whenever you feel like visiting the city, make sure you get to see this location as well. You also have the best shops around here, like Longchamp, Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Delvaux.

Last but not least, let’s check up with the bunny hood! My two darlings Fien & Elvis have visited the vet lately and they’re both healthy and happy 🙂 They’re really adorable. Wish they’d get along though, maybe the future will bring some peace but for know it’s all fighting for attention and jealousy!

If you’re having bunnies of your own, make sure to keep them warm during the winter season. Put enough hay in their cage and make sure the wind doesn’t blow right into their direction. I also put a protection foil over their cage so they don’t get wet when it’s raining or snowing. Take care of your babies ❤


I hope y’all enjoy the winter vibes. Time to look forward to Christmas, a lovely get together with the family. Time to wear your winter coats and scarves. Time to light up the candles and snuggle up with your blanket in the sofa. Time for hot chocolate with whipcream. Time for cooking potatoe and carrot stew. Time for cosy romantic movies with your lover. Are you getting in the mood? Because I’m ready for the cold! ‘Till next time readers. Thank you for your attention & don’t forget to follow, like & share whenever you feel like it 😀

9 reacties op ‘OOTD: Winter wear…are you ready for it?

      1. Ja vriendlief hele week alle middag tot avond werken ..gelukkig vermaak ik me altijd wel.vind 90 days before wedding tof, ken je dat. en sommige avonden is saai mis ik hem, maar voor zijn werk aan gaan we vaak dan chillen en samen warm eten..en bijna weekend dan leuke dingen doen😘jij dan

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      2. Vanavond valt mee hoor ene x mis ik hem hahah andere x minder. gister kwam een vriend en eergister sint vieren met vriendin kijk hhele week alle avonden geen 1 avond met hem is soms saai haha maar je wend eraan 1 x in 2 weken vroege dienst 1 x in 2 weken late.heb jij ook relatie hihi

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