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Holidays are coming up and you better be prepared for a good make-up look! If you want to sparkle, you’ll need a good smokey eye. For me personally, I prefer to accentuate the eyes instead of the lips, but of course, that depends. If you’re more into focusing on the lips, make sure you keep your eye make-up subtle to keep the balance. Vampy red lips, white glittery eyeshadow en a black cat-eyeliner are always a good choice – timeless yet stunning.

To inspire you, I created this midnight blue smokey eye look. Easy, because once you get the trick of creating a succesful smokey eye, it’s just a matter of colors. You can change the color depending on the outfit you’re wearing. It’s always nice combining the color of your dress with the color of your smokey eye. It creates harmony, same thing with bags and shoes in the same color. Call it old fashioned, but it works everytime when you go for a matching combo. For the holidays, most women go for black, gold and red. Those are festive colors, chic and classy. You can also go for classic shades, like for instance navy or midnight blue or a basic kaki color. My dress for the holidays is a lovely second hand bargain in a kaki shade from Lola&Liza, as you can read in one of my latest posts.

For this look, I used the Rich Color Face Palette from Action. As you can see, you don’t need to spend a fortune for qualitative eyeshadow. I’ve worn this look a whole day and it stayed flawless until the end of the day. I used the blue color palette which is divided in three different shades as you can see on the photograph: a bright blue color, an ocean blue color and a dark midnight blue color. The concept of a smokey eye is very simple: you use the middle color for your whole eyelid as a base. The darker color you apply onto your outer eyecorners to create depth. And last but most important, the lightest and most bright color you apply on the middle of your eyelid to accentuate and also on your inner eyecorner to make your eyes look bigger. To finish the eyelook, apply a cat eyeliner and mascara. You can always add some glitter to have that little extra touch of glamour. Make sure you also define your brows with some color and highlight your brow arch as well.

Here are some other great make-up looks for the holidays, which I found on Pinterest:

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Make sure to follow us on social media! Until next time & thank you for your attention!


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