Hello readers,

So today’s post will be about my new buys, let’s just say I spoiled myself a couple of weeks ago. I actually got really spoiled this month, because my boyfriend has also been treating me like some sort of princess lately – I’m beyond lucky. So I went to Brussels to the Longchamp store, and I kinda got a little bit crazy there because I returned with two bags and a belt – LOL 😀

Y’all know I’m a huge Longchamp fan. Not only because of the insane good quality of the bags, but also because of the story behind the shop. I must admit I’m a little bit unfair, because I work for the company then I automatically become excited about the products. But I am honest, I absolutely like the brand and the products they sell.

When I went to Brussels, of course I had to buy myself a coffee-on-the-go. I went with the company of my lovely collegues, which was very exciting. That’s what I like about traveling with the train. You have the comfortable seats, the time to think while being on the road, a good talk with the people around you and a cup of coffee to keep you warm. Those are the moments I really enjoy. It was such a great day, we had a blast.

I love the logo at the size. It kinda gives the bag a polo sport look. Kaki is a color that combines very easily, and orange is also a color I wear often – if I’m wearing any color LOL 🙂

The second bag I bought was – of course – the Amazone. The Amazone bag was launched in May, and it’s the ultimate it-bag right now. Longchamp has it in many different editions, but I wanted the classic small black one. It’s such a soft leather, I absolutely love it. You can wear it cross body and by shoulder. So it’s nice that when you go out, you can wear it by shoulder for a more sophisticated look and for everyday you can just slide the chain to a cross body. Sounds like a dream bag, right? I actually dreamed about this bag, I know how weird that sounds haha! But I couldn’t get it off my mind.

I was in need of a new belt, that’s why I’ve chosen the belt from the Amazone collection, to have this set together. It’s perfect with my work uniform. I made it a little bit shorter so the size would be good.

And last but not least, here we have a selfie of my everyday look wearing both bags! It’s my daily look when I’m off to work. What do you think?

How about your experience with Longchamp bags? Share your opinions below, we love hearing from you! Hope you guys liked this post, I’ll see you next time and thank you for your attention. Don’t forget to like, follow & subscribe for the best news & updates! ❤

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