Hello dear readers,

Thank you for visiting my blog, glad to have you here joining the conversation! As you all may know, we are having sales season now in Belgium. You probably remember me sharing my monthly favorite: the mint colored Mango wallet I got from my boyfriend. It’s really my favorite wallet, because the size’s perfect for small bags and the organisation inside is just perfect for me. A wallet has to be like a match, I have many wallet but they don’t function quite as good as this one. I remember my boyfriend getting annoyed by the fact that it took so long for me to get my money when standing at the cash desk in the store, because the wallet just didn’t match… I’ve tried card holders, larger wallets with an overview with cards, but nothing is as user friendly as the one I have now from Mango. I can’t emphasize enough how happy I am with this purchase.

I love the simplicity and the fact that I just got myself a matching set.

Having bought this great piece, I’ve noticed that Mango also has the pouches from the same collection. Week after week I had to think about it, but I thought by myself: do I really need it? So I thought, no, I’m not gonna buy it because it’s unnecessary. But one day after work I was thinking: hell, it’s sales season! Maybe the pouch is on sale! So okay, I had to go to Mango to see and I was lucky – the pouch was still available with 2 euros discount! And yeah, I bought another one as well. More a cosmetic pouch. I really love them. They’re as functional as the wallet and the zippers are just amazing. I also love the simplicity and the fact that I just got myself a matching set.

Those who follow my Instagram account may have seen my Instagram story, in which I shared this amazing new purchases.

If you want to discover the wallets and pouches of Mango, you can find all the sales items (also the items I’ve bought) here.

What are your sales buys this season? Thank you for your attention and I’ll see you next time.

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