Hello dear readers,

I’m very happy to announce some new collaborations coming up on my blog, which means new products to test and review! Y’all know I’m all into fashion and beauty. Well these products can be categorized in the accessory and beauty department.

Marble Necklace
Simple Bar Earrings

My first collab will be with La Venné, a french jewelry brand founded in Paris. They follow the french modern trends with a classic twist. Regarding to their website they deliver high quality at affordable prices. I have made my first order at their website, up above you can check out which items I’ve chosen 😉 I’m very curious about the brand, since it’s the first time I’ll order something of them. I hope it meets my expectations. Style wise it’s definitely a match, since I prefer wearing simple, classic jewelry, nothing too bold or excentric.

My second collab will be with the famous skincare brand La Roche-Posay, exclusively available at the local pharmasist. I will test the innovation formula of the Toleraine skin care collection, a product specially created for sensitive skin which will calm my skin down and hydrates and protects. I have very sensitive, sometimes dry and sometimes oily skin depending on the weather. I’ve had products from La Roche-Posay before and they really did their job, so I hope this collab will turn out positive as well (but I am quite confident about that to be honest!) 😀 !

If you want to stay updated with my latest collabs, you can follow me on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter, in which I will share the latest news (and nice discounts of course!). Thank you for your attention!

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