Hi lovely readers!

I have big news: MY BLOG IS CELEBRATING HER 2ND ANNIVERSARY! That means Outfitvandedagblog is already two years on WordPress, and I couldn’t imagine using the blogger platform anymore, really! I am very pleased to share some of my blogging inside secrets with you guys, to highlight this special occasion 🙂 I also want to take this brief moment to spread a big thank you for you readers to keep believing in me and supporting me in sharing my content. Without you, my blog wouldn’t be where it is today, so thank you thank you thank you ❤

Q: Why did you start blogging initially?

A: I started blogging when I was 18, already 6 years ago. It was during my college years and I had many free time besides studying. I had always had this amazing passion for fashion and a weakness for creating websites and lay-outs, so starting a blog was quite a logical step for me because I could express my creativity in fashion and webdesign both at the same time.

Q: Do you think your blog has changed over the years, if yes, in what matter?

A: Yes, because I have changed as well. I’ve grown up. During all the years of blogging, I moved into my own place and now I live together with my boyfriend. I have my daily fulltime job for over two years now. I have created my own style and instead of choosing for bold and alternative which I did when I was younger, I choose simplicity and peace now. My blog is now a place where I can relax after working hours, even though this might be a little side-job as well when I have collab opportunities…

Q: Do you have a certain style?

A: My style is a fluid thing, it develops and changes and it never stands still. I like following fashion trends, but I always stick to the classic pieces because they remain timeless. I like classic colors and French style. I love vintage gentlemen Oxford shoes, a bit of a masculin touch combined with for instance a red lip. I absolutely adore leather handbags. Some days I like wearing my cat eyeliner makeup, other days I prefer going natural with just a BB cream and mascara. My style depends on my mood. If you want to get to know my style better, check my style file blogpost. It’s a good read and fashion inspiration!

Daily Outfit

Q: How do you find new topics to write about?

A: I have weeks in which I have one idea after another and I have weeks with lack of inspiration. What I do, I always bring a little notebook with me in my handbag and whenever I have an idea, I write it down. It can be an outfit I’ve seen someone wearing, or a picture I’ve seen on Pinterest. The world is a big source of inspiration. You can find new possible content anywhere, you just need to free your mind. Creativity means letting go of all the rules and try something new, something refreshing!

My Instagram Vision Board

Q: Do you invest a lot of time in social media?

A: Yes, but I stick to Instagram only. I don’t invest much time in Facebook or Twitter other than sharing my blog & Instagram content. I don’t have the time to be active on all platforms. I also believe that Instagram is the most popular channel currently, so I think it’s clever to spend most of my time in it.

Q: How do you promote your blog?

A: I share my blogposts on different social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr and Instagram. I also share my blogposts sometimes in Facebook groups and Google+ groups. I believe the best way to promote is to give. Give likes, follow & share other bloggers in the same niche and you probably get some love back. Bloggers support each other.

My Instagram Feed @outfitvandedagblog

Q: What tips or secrets could you share for newbie bloggers?

A: Tip one: Don’t start blogging for money. It’s not a good motivation and unfortunately it’s the thing these days that everyone wants to get famous or make money as an influencer… Unless you’re Kendall Jenner, you’re not gonna make a living out of blogging. Tip two: Make connections on your platform: Blogger or WordPress. You can easily find bloggers within the same niche and it’s much more fun to publish your content knowing you have the support of your friend bloggers. Tip three: Invest in good photos. People are very visual these days and they all have a lack of time. If you’re actually reading this, congratulations, because most people are too busy to read everything. That’s why strong visual content is very relevant if you want to start blogging.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I see you next time! Thank you for reading.

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