Hi sweeties,

So great to have you (back) here on my little corner on the internet. Outfitvandedagblog has been my inspiration board for several years, I have been blogging since I was eighteen so that’s about six years (God, I’m getting old). I have always had a passion for creating new things, being creative with lay-outs and color combinations. For about a couple of months I have put more energy into my Instagram account as some of you may have noticed.

Instagram is the ultimate place for me to create, discover and invent all the things that make life interesting. Fashion, beauty, architecture, art, traveling, you find it all on the application. I like the social part of it, but what I mostly love about it is creating the themes.

I’ve had this honey-wood-colored theme for a couple of months. It was my first experiment starting to create my own theme. Let me share this moodboard with you.

As you might’ve seen this color palette has spread itself to my other pages (blog, Facebook, Twitter, …). I like harmony when it comes to photo editing, it has something peaceful when the pieces of the puzzle all fit together, right? My pictures were mostly coffee, interior, bunny or fashion outfit related. I also shared a quote on a regular base to keep my page balanced and to inspire my followers.

For the new theme, I’ve chosen a warm peachy pink color with the idea of craving the summer season of course! I can’t wait to have more sunshine outside and to get more active again! The winter has been around for too long in my opinion and to have a bit of the cheerfulness that summer brings, I created a color palette that makes things a little bit more bright on a dark, grey winter day. What do you think?

My photo shares on Instagram will be more shopping-food-relaxing-travel-related, more details of products and less selfies and outfits. The focus remains on me-time: a moment to spoil and treat yourself, a moment where you can find peace besides your working hours, a moment in which there’s only one thing that counts and that’s you! My Insta will be a daily reminder for you to be kind to yourself, only that way you can be kind to others too! I will post quotes on a regular base too and there will be an Instagram story frequently as well (same as now).

Feel free to share your opinion of my new theme in the comment form below, and don’t forget to like-follow-share us on Instagram @outfitvandedagblog! Thank you for stopping by, I’ll see you next time.

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