Hello lovely readers,

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s day. My boyfriend and I aren’t really into this “special day”, we don’t really celebrate it but it was a celebration today anyhow because I was surrounded by those who I love the most: my man, my mom and my sweet bunnies!

Not only was I lucky with my company, I also got to enjoy the great sunshine we were having today in Belgium! The weather has made a big change lately, and I am very happy I have a couple of days off work now so I can fully enjoy it. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel a whole lot better when the sun is shining.

Let’s start this blogpost with an outfit!

Coat – Even & Odd (via Zalando)
Blouse – Noa Noa
Pants – H&M
Bags – Longchamp
Sneakers – Gallery’s
Bracelet – Local market
Earrings – Lola&Liza
Still in love with my Amazone bag, such a great designer item to carry around my essentials.
White sneakers are such a good investment for the summer season, make sure you get a pair – you won’t regret it! Mine have this cute golden glitters on it.

Do you feel the peachy vintage vibe in my photos? I updated my theme recently, read about it in my previous blogpost.

We had a great day filled with some simple, but enjoyable activities. My boyfriend and I had an appointment and we combined it with lunch in a café nearby, I ate this amazing sandwich with bacon – to die for, really.

One year and 3 months together with my man, many years to follow ❤
My two favorite bags: Longchamp 3D & Amazone

After that we got home and my mom came for a visit. I bought a sweet cake from the bakery department of the grocery store and we drank coffee while talking about our latest updates in life. We sat on our terrace, which offers a great view over town and we enjoyed the sunshine for the whole afternoon! No rain, no wind, no clouds – AMAZING. It was so cosy. My bunny’s Fien and Elvis had a blast too, having their daily walk and lots of cuddles in the meantime 🙂 They are happy with the weather too of course!

This was really yum!

For me this was the perfect day. Happiness can’t be found in the things you own, it can be found in the people and animals that love you and support you day in day out. As I mentioned on my Instagram: Let’s be grateful on Valentine’s Day for the love we receive, from humans and from animals! ❤

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