Hi readers,

I’m glad to be back into blogging, since I have been stuck with the flu for over a week. It’s been a real pain in the ass, because if there’s one thing I absolutely hate then it’s sitting at home not being able to do anything except for resting all day… I’m very happy I’m able to pick up my life again after being completely anti social and offline for over 5 days. I have missed you guys.

Those of you who follow my blog, will have read one of my latest blogposts in which I share my new items of Bershka with you. I bought myself a teddy coat and a pair of white dad sneakers. The teddy coat is absolutely my thing, I love it so much – I hate the cold but if I can wear my teddy coat I long for the cold days! (that says enough about how much I love that coat for real) The dad sneakers though were not my best buy. My feet look so big in them! I know it’s normal but I can’t get used to it… I just need to give that trend some more time I guess.

My other new buys were two shirts I bought from Zalando. One of them I’ve worn already, just a simple black tee with a star design. The other tee was from Superdry but that’s more a summer item so I’ll be wearing that top when the summer days arrive. I’ve also got my new earrings and necklace from La Venné, as I shared my review with you guys recently.

This was the outfit I’ve worn when my boyfriend and I went to a local soccer match. It was not a high heel-dress occasion, I decided a sporty look would fit this event perfectly. Because we had to go on a whole trip with the train and metro, I’ve worn my comfy Adidas running sneakers which I bought when my boyfriend and I were in Barcelona. They are so comfortable and still fashionable. It was lovely weather that day so I didn’t need my teddy coat, I’ve worn my burgundy padded jacket. The jeans I wore was a bargain I bought at Lidl supermarket – yeah really – I only paid like 12 euros for it and it’s one of my favorites. Can you believe it? As for the handbag department, it’s not allowed to bring big bags with you so I’ve worn a tiny leather waist bag.

Here are the outfit details:

~T-shirt: Zalando JDYSTAR brand
~Trousers: Lidl (Esmara)
~Jacket: Only (old collection)
~Sneakers: Adidas
~Jewelry: La Venné (except for the watch)

I’ll share some pictures with you of that particular day.

My man and I on the train.
Of course I needed my coffee.
We are supporting the Anderlecht team.
We bought ourselves some fan merchandise: two scarves with the logo from Anderlecht. Our sunnies on and we were ready to watch!

What do you think of the outfit & the items I’ve bought? Leave a comment below and don’t forget to like, share & follow us on social media! Thank you for your visit and support, I’ll see you next time ❤

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