Hi sweet readers,

In case you haven’t seen the latest video I shared on my YouTube channel, here’s another reminder that I’ve made a vlogpost after a long, long time with a brand new make-up tutorial! 😉 You can find that link by just clicking here.

I hope your month is going well, it’s almost April now. It feels like the months are really going fast, in a couple of months were already facing summer weather and I’m really liking that! In this blogpost I’ll share with you my monthly recap of March. Because I haven’t posted quite much this month, I felt like sharing everything in one post. Those who follow my Insta will receive more frequently updates because it’s easier for me to share one quick photo with a caption then to write a full post. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult for me to combine everything (full time job, my boyfriend, my bunnies, my family, my friends, my household), but blogging has always been relaxing and challenging for me at the same time so I’m not planning on giving that part up even when it gets hard. I post whenever I’m able to, and I only publish my content when I’m really satisfied with the results – I’d rather have 1 good post than 5 bad ones. Are you feeling me?

March has been a busy month as usual. Besides working I had some sales training sessions for work, I also got sick at the beginning of the month. Yes, I was down with the flu, can you believe it? I hated it, staying at home is not really something I like to do. My doctor said I needed to rest, but those who know me, know I’m not good in sitting still. So after being unable to do anything a whole week, I finally got myself together to try new looks makeup and fashion wise.

One of my latest favorite combinations is a turtleneck sweater combined with a high waist jeans and my Amazone bag. I think it looks pretty cool together and it’s so comfy. As you can see on the picture my closet has finally become a little bit more organized. I did that I think in february, and I’m very happy I didn’t postpone that task. Now I’m trying to keep it that way (it still looks as organized as on the photograph).

Up above you can see the picture of my vlog makeup look, as I mentioned at the beginning of my post. A new buy is my Revolution makeup fixing spray with a vanilla and coconut scent, which I bought at Kruidvat. I’m using it now on a daily base as part of my daily makeup routine and I’m liking the product.

On the outfit picture you can see I’m wearing my necklace I got from La Venné, if you haven’t read my blogpost considering this product yet make sure you do. Last but not least I shared my meal with chicken curry rice and brocolli, a dish I absolutely love making and eating!

Have you heard yet that my two baby girls, Fien & Elvis are finally becoming friends? After 7 (!) months of ignoring and being jealous of each other, they finally made the decision to stop the war and become mates. They are so cute together – really, you can’t believe it. On my second photo I shared my Sunday breakfast, which contains now oatmeal and yoghurt. No more fast breakfast habits, but time for the real deal to break the unhealthy routine.

The photo below was real fun. I’m riding a scooter there, the one my boyfriend has bought recently. We had a lot of funny moments that day! Fooling around basically. The scooter is from Xiaomi, you can buy it at Vandenborre and Fnac. It’s very useful in the city. The last photo contains a very delicious merengue with a giant cup of coffee. It was a lunch I had with my boyfriend and my mom.

That little brat of mine, Mademoiselle Fien as I call her (I know I’m sounding like a crazy woman but I just love bunnies a bit too much), loves playing around with the blanket cover of her cage. I apply it over the ladies’ cage at night to protect them from the wind and cold and during morning time I remove it while I give them their breakfast and clean their cage. But she just loves hiding under those blankets while I’m taking care of them. Typical rabbit behavior!

Here’s a selfie of me and my baby girl Elvis. She’s a big fan of cuddles, unlike Fien. She’s a very heartwarming bunny, who’s always sweet and behaves perfectly. Lately we are having sunny days here in Belgium, and it was lovely that we had the time to cuddle in the sunlight on my day off.

Have you tried Mars ice cream yet? This is absolutely delicious and my guilty pleasure of the moment (one of my many tbh).

I also did some thrift shopping. It has been a while since I did that, but I still enjoy finding unique pieces at small prices. I’ve found some great items this time: a sweater from Astrid Coppens her label (Astrid Black Label), a Bjorn Borg t-shirt and shorts. The Bjorn Borg items can be worn as a set on hot summer days with white or pink sneakers. I also bought a lifestyle book which also matches my interests, it’s written by Tanya Burr, a famous YouTuber from the UK.

Last but not least we did some shopping at Primark as well, just for a couple of t-shirts and some cardigans for me.

All the pictures up above can be seen on my Instagram, which is currently my most active social media platform. So if you’re not a follower yet, make sure you become one to receive the latest updates at first!

Thank you for your attention, I’ll see you next time!

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