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I have 3 secrets which will be revealed today, more specifically 3 mindblowing things that famous Instagram bloggers do! You might look at famous Instagram profiles and ask yourself: what do they do to be this successfull? What are their tips and tricks? It might be very frustrating yourself trying to make it online and putting all your hard work into it without real massive results… I get the point – we’ve all been there.

The solution is actually quite simple: instead of working 24/7 on your Instagram without actually knowing if your efforts will make you grow, you work more efficiently, making better choices. You can like hundreds of pages their photos and follow them, but will they return? You don’t know so why invest the time. With the follow-unfollow vibe on Instagram people intend to be careful on who they follow back – they only follow back if your page matches their interests. So randomly following others will not bring you fame.

Famous Instagram bloggers have certain ways of getting the likes, follows and shares. My page has grown from 2.5K to an amazing 6K for over the year. I started with just 50 likes on an average post to now more than 500 likes. What did I do to get here?

Good to know: it’s not difficult at all and everybody can to this.


Look at your Instagram the same way as you look at your blogpost: read it over and over again. Check the photograph(s): is there a disturbing background, how is the lightening, how is the sharpness, what about the colors, etc etc. It’s without doubt very important that you pay attention to what you post. Every post should fit in your layout so that your profile looks attractive. Every post should have a nice caption to read, so it’s more than just a photo. Invite your readers to join the conversation –> end your caption with a question. Tell your readers about what you do, what is your passion, share your personal thoughts and ideas. People love to read about those things.

Be grateful for every like and every comment. Followers who make the effort to like a lot of your posts, give them some credit in your Instagram story and thank them for their support. High quality doesn’t end with sharing your photo, it’s also making time to appreciate every single follower that takes the time to comment. You can use apps like Mosaic to plan your posts, apps like Inshot are great for picture and video editing. They’re all available in the App store.

You don’t need to post every day. For me, I post about 2 times a week. If I’m not convinced about my content, I won’t share it. It’s more important that your quality matches your standards then to share something just to share. Your followers rather wait another day for a better post than seeing a crappy one.


Wanna know what helped me the most in growing my page? Instagram pods and support groups. Join an Instagram pod on Telegram and all you need to do is like all posts which have been shared in the group over 24h, then you can share your post and you’ll also get likes. The good thing about these groups is that they match your niche. They’re also bloggers who share about topics which relate to yours. Like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food, etc. Those are genuine likes and it makes the likes of your post grow naturally.

Another thing are the support groups. Those are more than just liking, it’s also commenting and watching each others stories. Those groups are much smaller. While and Instagram pod often contains more than thousands of members, an Instagram support group has often not more than 20 members. It’s not with an 24h rule, it’s an everyday task to check the posts of the other members and like and comment on them.

You can see having a successfull Instagram is much more than just sharing content. I’m actually more busy with the support to other accounts then my own. So if you wanna be successfull, keep in mind that you need to be active every single day. But it’s not impossible. I’ve joined 3 support groups and 5 or more Instagram pods. Those pods I don’t need to check every single day, I only need them when I share a post. The support groups are daily work, but you can easily schedule that during your lunch break at work. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes a day depending on the shares of others.

Collaboration with L’Oréal Makeup


Like big companies worldwide it’s also known that for bloggers collaborations are interesting. Not only because you might receive free items to test or new content ideas – also because it’s free exposure for you! They will probably share your photos on their page as well. The more your name pops up on anothers page within your niche, the better.

Collaborations are good opportunities but also be careful: be picky. Don’t take every collab proposal you get because you might receive one every day once you have a page that’s growing big. Take only the ones that are interesting for your readers, that match your niche and the topics you discuss. If you share photos of interior design, don’t take a collab deal that’s about smoothies for example. It’ll be weird and followers will think you took that collab just for the money – and that won’t do your image good. Also pay attention to the collaboration details. Do they require that you buy something first before you get free items? Do they require a long term collaboration? If the proposal interests you, don’t hesitate on asking specific questions about their expectations. You’re making a business deal so it’s your right to ask more information.

Do you have tips on how to grow your Instagram page? Feel free to share them in the comment box below! We’d love to hear from you! Thank you for your attention, I’ll see you next time.

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