Hi dear readers,

Good to have you (back) on my blog! Today’s post is another “Weekly Photobook”, a short overview of my week in pictures. I love sharing my personal events with you, so you have an idea of what my life looks like. This week I took the crazy decision to cut my hair – yup I did it! I was thinking about the idea for some time though and this week I took the decision to really do it. No more what if’s, I just went to the hairdressers with my boyfriend and told them to cut it short. Just one length, easy to maintain and fresh looking. My split ends began to become a burden to me and I hated it to comb my hair after I washed it because the maintenance took so much of my time…

We went to Kreatos, a famous hairdresser saloon in Belgium. We always go there, it’s become a habit for us both and we are regular customers there. We didn’t have an appointment so we had to wait some time but we were offered a cup of coffee, which was very nice. They are very friendly there. You can see up above a before and after picture, I absolutely love the result! They have done an incredible job!

I couldn’t resist myself reading a Vogue magazine from January this year and what a coincidence – I found an article of Kendall Jenner’s collab with Longchamp! I discovered that she has been horseriding her whole life. It was a very interesting read since I work for the brand and I love getting to know more about the face.

I had to give this a try because there was a promotion going on: the Schwarzkopf professional repair shampoo. Of course I’ll keep you guys tuned if this is worth the buy, but I think it’ll definitely keep my hair in good shape.

My boyfriend doesn’t like taking selfies of the two of us, can you tell? He’s always so awkward on the photos, he’s either too serious or he’s too much fooling around but never normal LOL. Anyway I still think it’s a nice picture of us.

The next thing we did is we went to Ygo, a giant interior company. They have such great styles, we found everything we were looking for there! So we ended up buying a sofa, a living room table, a full dining room and also a kitchen sitting area set for our new home. We are very excited!

One thing I couldn’t resist buying was this cute little bedcoverset with bunnies. Y’all know I am a bunny mom and I love adding bunny details in my interior. This bedcoverset will definitely be one of my favorites, without doubt!

We ate some sandwiches that day. There’s a Panos in the Ygo store itself, so we grabbed some lunch while we got there.

Get ready for some bunny spam.

Little Elvis is enjoying her diner so much she even closes her eyes… So cute to watch.

Last but not least, we had another week filled with great food. Salmon, chicken, spaghetti, I really love avocado lately. When I just lived on my own I didn’t like cooking at all, but now I have my boyfriend to cook for and I start enjoying it more and more. I guess when we have a family I will even become a bigger fan of cooking. Seeing people enjoying the food you made is really something that makes me happy! ๐Ÿ˜€

How was your week? Share your stories below and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for more fashion, beauty & lifestyle updates. We also have a newsletter for which you can subscribe! ๐Ÿ™‚

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