Hi readers,

As you might have read on my Instagram story, we are planning to move in a couple of months. We’re both very excited about it of course because it’ll be our first house (currently we live in a furnitured duplex apartment together). It’s our first real home, because now we get to choose furniture and decorations. It’s all very exciting!

I have shared our furniture purchases in a couple of blogposts before, you can read that here. So that’s practically all settled, now it’s just a matter of finishing with decorations. I personally have a thing for country living. All home decor in cream, taupe, wood and beige color are like a dream to me. But my boyfriend has a different style, he loves modern and more minimalistic style. So we kind of agreed to keep things in the middle. There are in fact great furnitures and decorations which are what we call modern country – not too minimalistic/graphic and not too country. Just perfect for us, basically. We have chosen a lot of furniture in light grey tones. As for decorations, I’ve made this wishlist of items I’d love to buy during the sales period. Our move takes place during the month July, which is perfect because we get to buy things like a washing machine and micro wave at really small prices. I’m kinda feeling good about the whole thing. The timing is right and the house is exactly was we were looking for, maybe even better! 🙂

Let’s see what I have for our decorations wishlist.


We both would like a big wallpaper in our living room with a relaxing background. We’d like an image of a beach maybe, something holiday spirited so you get to feel relaxed right when you enter the home. Or maybe we’ll go for a real modern look and have that NYC vibe on our wall… I used to have that style in my bedroom when I was a teenage girl and it was also very nice. We’ll see about the image.


My boyfriend and I are both fan of Buddhism (not religious in any way, but we love the mindset). That’s why we’d love to have a Buddha image as a decoration item. Some plants and candles and we’re all set.


This is something we’ll get from my mom as a gift (which we are very grateful for). I love a neutral colored carpet in the living room because it gives this certain relaxing atmosphere. Not to mention during winter times it’ll be warm and soft below the feet. I like!


For our garden we’d love a lounge set and a hanging chair. It would be so comfy when I have my read or when I work for my blog. Just some sunshine, a cocktail maybe and the company of my man and bunnies and I’m the happiest girl on this planet.


We do this already, we absolutely love incense sticks to bring a nice scent into the room. It’s so relaxing and more intense than other scented sticks or candles which don’t have that much effect.



I’d love a wooden bathroom rack for towels and soap etc. It looks so clean, almost hotel like. I love to have the same luxury you get when you go on to a hotel right into your home. Those wooden racks are not expensive at all.


As I mentioned before, I love country living. These type of kitchen organizing is typical for country living. I love wood details. Keeping the kitchenware in a can is something I think looks very nice and neat. My man has chosen the bar seats and bar table in our kitchen which is quite modern (black leather look stools and a grey marble look table) so I think I’ll be adding that country touch with the kitchen organization.


I also love these old train station inspired clocks. I love to have one in my kitchen right above the bar table. So when we have breakfast in the morning it’s easy to keep an eye on the hour to leave on time for work.


We need some more tableware in general. Wine glasses, but also some more plates and coffee mugs. Pots and pans. For coffee mugs I really like the ones on the picture with the metallic details. They look cute!


We have a lot of marble details in our furniture so I think marble coasters would fit the style without doubt. They also give a very expensive and luxurious look. When we have guests it’s also nice to give them something to drink on a lovely looking coaster.


When we will be living in our new home, we will have to take the train to work. Not long, just 15 or 20 minutes max. But you guys know I’m a coffee addict. So I absolutely need a coffee mug on the go to work. I’ve always liked that. It’ll be definitely tempting to visit Starbucks at the train station 😉


I really like orchid flowers. Currently we don’t own any plants and I miss that. But with or third floor apartment and the furnishing here it’s just not ideal to have plants. In our new home it’ll be all possible. I’m looking forward to it!


I have too much clothes. Like every girl. But really – too much. I have done a wardrobe cleaning a couple of months ago but it’s still TOO MUCH. Anyways, I really want to keep my clothing clean when we have our new home. I want to have wooden coat hangers. I have a couple of wooden hangers but not enough so I want to buy some more. Also I’d like the clothing storage solution up above for scarfs. It looks nice and clean.


In our new home I’ll have my own blog room (yeah really!) and I’d love an inspiration board and a planning for my blogposts and social media shares. I’ll have my own desk there and enough space. It’s a dream!

© Copyright Claim: All the pictures I used are from Pinterest. I do not own any of the pictures.

What do you guys think of my home decor wishlist? Do you have some items you’d like to have in your home? Share them below and don’t forget to follow my blog and my social media for the latest happenings! There’s also a monthly newsletter for which you can subscribe.

Thank you for your attention, I’ll see you next time.


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