Hi lovely readers,

In my previous post I shared a wishlist of home decor for our new home, but of course I wouldn’t be a fashion addict if I didn’t have a clothing & shoes wishlist for the summer 2019 season! 😉


I’d love to join the midi & maxi skirt trend this year. It’s been in fashion for several years, every summer this trend comes back and I notice I haven’t tried it yet. But I love the fact that you can combine this item easily with sneakers and a leather jacket. This way you have the rockchick look but with a girly touch, sounds like a match in heaven to me! 🙂


Those of you who follow my Instagram have seen the poll which I shared on buying the button skirt from Zara yes or no. 75% of you said yes, 25% said no. Well, I made my decision, I’m gonna buy the thing! I just think it’s such a cute item and when the weather’s hot or when we travel to a warm country, it’ll be such a useful and stylish clothing item.


I know this isn’t the most original item – but EVERYONE has these sneakers and I must have them too! I had a pair actually but I gave them away to my mom – still regret it (mom, I know you’re probably reading this, you can keep yours no worries). I want a pair this summer. I need it.


I absolutely would love a timeless, small vintage watch. I think it’s very elegant. Currently I wear this sort of Ice Watch rip off, which I got as a gift from Yves Rocher. It’s working, it’s ok, but I want to have a different style for the next one. I’d love a cognac brown leather strap as well.


Y’all know I love the combo of looking bad ass and cute all at the same time. Well, I love sneakers with a girly touch. I really like the embroidery. Vans are back in fashion now, especially the ones in black ’n white with the stripe, so I’d love to have this pair which is a bit more original. Or if I could find the Adidas Superstars with a floral print I’d be over the moon – that would be the ultimate perfect pair.

Of course I have more items on my wishlist – can’t help it. I’d love an item of the LGP collection of Longchamp, which is absolutely gorgeous! I adore the streetstyle. The logo is so cool!

What’s on your wishlist? Share your thoughts below & don’t forget to subscribe for the latest news. Follow OVDD on Instagram @outfitvandedagblog for the latest happenings and the best Insta stories. Thank you for your attention. I’ll see you next time.

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