Hi lovely readers,

It feels good to be back and I have so much content I want to share with you. I thought taking a break would be good for me, to relax some more because we have a lot going on with the moving plans. But I must admit I miss blogging a bit too much. It’s crazy, I work full time, have a household and packing to do and I don’t have much free time but still I can’t sit still and I always want to be productive. Don’t get me wrong, I did enjoy my break. Dr. Phil, Grey’s Anatomy and books all over the place. It was nice but sitting behind my computer and writing articles is still my main passion which makes me happy. So I kind of decided not to drop dead online and publish content while I can. Maybe not as often as I did before, but when we’re all settled in our new place I’ll be able to write more.

Today I will be talking about 3 alarming collab opportunities influencers and bloggers can have. These proposals might sounds very tempting and almost perfect, and the internet is filled with hopeful messages like “working at home, having time for your kids, becoming famous as an influencer, gaining Insta fame in 10 minutes, make a living with blogging, etc etc”. These messages sound so amazing, and we all want that right?

But don’t be naive… When it sounds too good to be true it often is.

I got inspired by a documentary on a Belgian TV channel and I thought it would be interesting to share with you the 3 proposals you should know about so you won’t get involved. It’s important to create awareness around these things, because a lot of people want to have this famous influencer life so bad that they are willing to say yes to any proposal they get. Please read this article carefully before you dive into a collab which might be just a scam.

#1 Writing fake product reviews

I have been asked to write fake product reviews about products that I have never heard of and seen. The company – I’m not gonna mention the name – asked me to publish under an anonymous name their already made up review text and link them with my personal email (because that’s the only way to validate the persons identity). They’d pay me for it. That means that even reviews you see online could be flat out lies written by the companies itself to promote their product. I never did this collab of course even though I have been asked to do this multiple times, I refused out of principle.

#2 Becoming brand ambassador

In the world of influencers you see it all the time (also on my page): I am brand ambassador of [brand]! It’s nice when your name gets associated with a big brand. Unforunately a lot of brands take advantage of the idea of being a brand ambassador. They put a comment on your picture of your Instagram asking you to DM them for more information. Most often it’s about receiving this amazing discount on their items and a discount code for your followers. So it means you have to buy first! But keep in mind: when you buy, you are actually a customer, you are not getting paid for the advertising you do for them! They should pay you! Basically it means you give them free promotion and even sponsor them. That’s why accounts with barely 300 followers receive also these collab proposals. It’s not a business opportunity, it’s the company itself searching for new clients and making you believe they’ve chosen you because of your “talented pictures or amazing fashion sense“. I have had a collab with La Venné which was a bit the same thing, but it was a good collaboration. I had free items but had to pay shipment cost which was 20 dollars. Even though I did enjoy this collaboration very much and I am proud to be a brand ambassador for this brand, I do think twice before I get into a similar collaboration proposal.

#3 MLM business opportunities: Younique and Nuskin

This topic was discussed in the documentary I saw on television. I’ve had opportunities before about girls asking me to join their team selling beauty items of Nuskin. It all sounded so amazing. “Work from home, being a girlboss, having your own business, choosing your own hours, etc etc” At first I thought it was pretty cool, but when I received more information I kind of became very sceptical against all of this. A voice inside me told me not to get into this. After seeing the documentary I’m so glad I didn’t get involved with it. Apparently you don’t make much money with it, you need to work really hard and you’re more busy recruiting people than selling products. They recommend that you buy their products first, which means you need to invest a lot of money in it first. You don’t have a basic income, only what you sell is what you earn commision of. The companies won’t talk to media and the products itself are not available in stores either, only through network marketing. It’s all really fishy and I saw people claiming they really got brainwashed by it like it was a cult. I’m so glad I saw this documentary and I hope those who read this now who are targets for these firms (young women, mommies-to-be, bloggers who want to make an income, …) are wise enough to see that the best way to make a living is to have a legid 9 to 5 job. There’s nothing wrong with that! 😉

Have you ever had a collab proposal which sounded too good to be true? Have you experienced red flags? Please share them with us!

Thank you for your attention. I’ll see you next time and hope you have a great night! #influencer #collabscams


2 reacties op ‘3 Alarming Online Influencer Blogging Business Opportunity Trends You Should Know About

  1. Ik krijg regelmatig bovenvormelde topics aangeboden en sla ze ook af uit principe. Jammer genoeg zie ik veel beginnende blogger, en zelfs grote bloggers!, die in de val trappen. Dat is echt jammer, want ze laten zich gewoon vangen door de verkoopspraatjes van bedrijf X.

    Als influencer en blogger is het belangrijk van 100% achter een samenwerking te staan. Je volgers verwachten dit en een eerlijke mening van jouw kant uit. Waarom liegen tegen de mensen die je steunen in wat je doet? Nee, daar doe ik (net zoals jij) niet aan mee!

    Goed dat je dit deelt met je lezers ☺️

    Geliked door 1 persoon

    1. Super dat je jouw ervaring neerschrijft! Inderdaad het is enorm belangrijk selectief te zijn en niet zomaar op alle aanbiedingen in te gaan, bedrijven tegenwoordig zijn zo slim en ze spelen echt in op de droom van influencers. Fijn dat je jouw bijdrage deelt! Fijne zondag nog 🙂 xx

      Geliked door 1 persoon

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