Hi readers,

In today’s blogpost I’ll share some of my latest outfits and a brand new handbag from Longchamp which I treated myself to a couple of weeks ago. It’s not easy to write another blogpost for me, I’ve been through a lot lately in my personal life. But with my job as a sales assistant I’m used to force this smile on my face. Sometimes life sucks, you can’t do much about it. You just have to keep your head up high and move on. It’s part of growing up. But you must never lose your pride and always be your own best friend when you’re going through tough times ❤️

About my outfits, lately I’m having this thing for 90s high waist denim, cropped t-shirts, Adidas sneakers and dresses. I do have an obsession with my Pliage L1623 model in navy blue, it’s such an easy bag to bring to work and combine with every look. The size also could not have been better. The only thing I do consider a disadvantage is the “I can’t find anything in my bag” issue. There’s only 1 pocket inside and of course it’s because it’s foldable but I do prefer combining this item with another small bag where I keep my valuables like my wallet, cell phone and keys.

So that was another motivation to a brand new sales purchase I made: the Le Pliage Dandy crossbody. It’s so easy in use and very cute to wear. I can choose the length of the strap and I love the golden finishing. The dandy inspired motive looks so pretty. I do like the fact that I can wear this during the winter time as well, with my kaki coat. Of course I was enjoying this yummy latte from Le Pain Quotidien on the picture. They have amazing coffee and the interior of the café is absolutely gorgeous.

What I also bought in sales was something I have had on my mind for several years: a red dress. I believe it’s the most feminine thing ever, and that is something I’m ready to discover again: me! I am going to spend my time investing in myself in order to develop and grow in life. Building my self esteem is definitely on my short list. Wearing a red dress requires a certain confidence which I want to have. I bought it from H&M and the black pointy flats as well, which combine very well with the dress. Am I ready to shine? Of course!

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost. Currently I’m very busy moving and unpacking furniture and all those things. It’s hectic, but as always writing is my therapy and I always feel better after sharing my thoughts with you. I hope you all have the best evening. See you next time.

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