Hi lovely readers,

I know it’s been a while. I’m going through a lot of changes, big changes. As you know I have been busy moving to my new home. This week is finally the first week I’m sleeping in the house. It’s a new phase in my life, I have lived on my own before but this time it’s different, because I have my own furtniture and it’s much bigger than I’m used to. I’m very happy to move to a quiet neighbourhood after living in the city for many years. It’s nice to have some peace and quiet after coming home from a long day at work. My two little adorable bunnies are also over the moon. Yesterday they enjoyed some free time in my garden on the lawn. They looked so happy!

This week in Belgium it was over a 40 degrees, it’s the first time we are having these hot temperatures, it’s crazy! The good thing about this hot weather is that it’s so easy to find an outfit. It’s like when you travel to a warm country. You just need a dress and a pair of sandals and you’re actually ready to go and looking amazing. But I do prefer a bit less warm weather, 25 degrees is enough for me. And you can easily combine a dress with a denim jacket in that case.

As for today’s look I’ve chosen to wear this amazing bohemian inspired white dress I got from a collaboration with Newchic. I got many compliments about this dress. What I love is that the material is light, perfect for hot temperatures. It also has a perfect length, not too short not too long. Wearing white is not something I occassionally do, most of the time I go for darker colors. But with the moving plans I did the packing of my closet and I found some great items in the back of my closet which I’ve barely worn and they are so pretty! I have way too many clothes – really. Bad thing is that I now have even more space to expand my closet! So I can buy even more, which wasn’t the case in the apartment I used to live in LOL. No limit, like for real.

The flats I’m wearing I bought in sales from H&M. I’ve chosen pointy ones, because that’s much more trendy right now. You see a lot of vintage vibes in fashion world: 90s revival especially. Dad sneakers are even worn with dresses and you no longer need to break your feet with stiletto’s because chunky heels are literally EVERYWHERE. Personally I love the new trends, I’m a fan of 90s fashion. Fashion today is allowing everything: gold with silver, sporty with classy, all colors combined and print on print – there are no rules anymore. You can just wear what you want, it’s all cool. I like it, you can wear whatever you want to without being looked at like a weirdo. In our grandparents time everybody looked the same, which was so boring.

And for the bag, of course it’s Longchamp. Couldn’t live without my Pliage bags!

What do you think of today’s trends? Do you like my look? Thank you for your attention. I’ll see you next time!

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