Hi lovely readers,

Glad to see you’re reading my blog! I’m happy to write some new content for you, more specifically I’ll be sharing another Weekly Photobook blogpost in which I share my weekly news activities. Not that my life is that exciting – but I do have something to tell because this week it’s the first week I’m living in my new home.

Let me start by sharing my outfits of this week. What did I wear?

I am really sorry about the lack of having a complete normal mirror! I only have these diamond shapes ones in the hallway. I’m definitely buying a huge mirror for in my dressing room soon.

This week was all about contrast. I’ve worn very feminine and sporty outfits, depending on my mood in general. Sometimes I’d rather go for comfy and I’ll just wear a hoodie, a pair of jeans and my Adidas sneakers. Other days I go for a dress, a cute floral kimono and flats. It’s all about how I feel in the morning. If you’d ask me to describe my style, my mind would go blank – like, really. I can do a full rockchick look with leather jacket and ripped jeans today and I can go for a pink dress and high heels the next – I don’t really have a specific style. I just go with the flow, I guess. But I do have items which I always grab when I go shopping: jeans (who can live without jeans, right? I can’t have enough), jackets (I have a thing for jackets, even in the summer, don’t ask me why) and sneakers (without doubt addicted to buying these). My favorite sneaker brands are Adidas, Converse and Vans. Those 3 are definitely my go-to brands when buying sneakers.

Of course I don’t leave the house without my Pliage bag. This kaki one of the Pliage Club collection is really amazing (collection of last season, this bag is not available anymore in stores). I love the colors, they’re easy to combine. The size is perfect for work and weekends. I literally can’t live without Pliage bags, they’re so comfortable and elegant all at the same time – exactly best of both worlds. I love the logo on the side which they added.

Make-up products: L’Oréal
Glasses – Longchamp
Denim jacket – H&M (last year, classic piece)
Top – Primark
Top – Primark
Jeans – Zara
Shoes – H&M

All current collections.

Now I go to work by train which is a new thing for me! 🙂 I like it, but I’m always too early so on my way I grab this cup of coffee of Panos nearby. Their coffee is quite good actually. A good taste and not too pricy at all.

Of course during the evenings I do enjoy good food and coffee as well. I did make myself some delicious pasta meals to eat during the week so I don’t need to cook after work. I tried a new recipe which I’m happy to share with you. It’s easy and effortless.

Pasta Boursin: You prepare your pasta as you wish (you can go for spaghetti or spirelli or whatever shape of pasta you prefer to cook). As for veggies you cook fresh tomatoes, olives, cucumber and whatever you want to add even more. You make the Boursin cheese as for the sauce and you bake small pieces of chicken. Add some flavor with spices. Just mix them all together and you have a lovely summer pasta dish which is easy and so yummy!

My bunnies do enjoy the garden I have now. I do too, if I see the joy in their eyes! They are over the moon seeing all that grass. Having a garden is definitely a nice thing, for them but also for me to have some fresh air in nature. It’s definitely a huge difference with living in the city. I’m happy I made the decision to move to a more quiet area.

I hope you enjoyed my Weekly Photobook. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment or share your weekly habits with us. Thank you for your attention and I’ll see you next time!


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