Hi lovely readers,

Have you ever heard of Zapaka? If not, this store is definitely something you should know about!

Zapaka is a brand created out of one girl’s love for vintage clothing. It’s a great online store where you can find all retro and vintage inspired fashion finds – a dream come true for all vintage lovers! Their collection of dresses are all such gorgeous designs, the founder Mary Wang has her own retro-inspired vision and she has created this amazing ZAPAKA private label. Even the floral chiffon gowns are straight out of the “Mad Men” garden parties! How amazing is that? I am over the moon about this brand because I absolutely have a thing for vintage styles. The dresses are so feminine and they accentuate the right curves. Modern dresses are often not so flattering.

I absolutely love polkadots print, it’s a typical print that is very popular in the vintage world. Vintage styles are also much in fashion these days, as you can see in the clothing stores there are a lot of 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s inspired items available. I see these dresses are a bit alike to the dresses Jessica Day wears in the New Girl series (you all know I love the sitcom New Girl), she’s one of my biggest inspirations. So as for combinations, I have some ideas for you to create a full look. On their website they also offer lovely accessories of all kinds, like a timeless pearl necklace. You can combine the dresses with flats or with a kitten heel, which is also trendy at the moment. On their website they also have gorgeous clutches that can match with your dress of preference.

Click here
Click here
Click here

If you haven’t seen the video of Zapaka yet, make sure you check it out here and get ready to be inspired!

What do you think about their collections? Do you like Zapaka? Feel free to leave a comment below, we’re always interested in your opinion. Thank you for your attention and I’ll see you next time!

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