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I have been planning this blogpost like forever and finally I’m getting ready to write it properly! As for every season, I write an overview of the overall seasonal fashion trends you really can’t miss. This time I’m introducing the fall winter trends of 2019. I know it’s crazy to think about winter already because when it’s summer you really don’t want to have that literally cold confrontation with a thick furry winter coat – let’s be honest. But we all know how fashion works, and the trends for the next winter in 2020 are even not a question mark anymore – time goes fast in fashion world. All clothing and accessory stores are already filled with the fall-winter collections so you probably recognize some trends without doubt. Are you ready? I’m still hoping for some sunny days here in Belgium because I’m definitely not ready for winter yet!



The neo bourgeoisie generation takes modest, appropriate style to the next level. Think: Parisian during late 70s-begin 80s. Plaid long skirts, high knee boots and do not forget your silk scarf and irresistable elegance!



When we think about winter, we think: black, brown, burgundy, dark grey. We never think bold colors, so why not change the rules? This winter you can, because colorful clothing is trendy. Yellow, cobalt blue, green, the possibilities are endless. Finally! Winter itself is already so boring and dark, let’s add some light to it, shall we!


Marc Jacobs

A trend I personally love because it’s so feminine: flowers. Floral prints are having another comeback. You can add some nature to your closet. A good choice for an outfit combo would be a floral maxi dress with high knee boots.



We really can’t get rid of this fashion trend: checks. We’re all becoming Scottish I guess! I do like checks but don’t overdo it with different color shades or too dramatic patterns. Go for a simple blazer, I have a grey business blazer with a checks pattern which is a good piece to start with. You can also go for a masculin look with a full oversized suit, which is seen on catwalks.



Every winter we enjoy wearing leather. This season you can even go for leather trousers. Good thing is, it keeps you warm! You can create your own rockchick look by adding some accessories with studs and a cool band t-shirt or you can give it a girly twist with high heels and a pink top – feel free to explore different looks and styles! Make this trend your own.

Also there is a real grunge and gothic revival this year. Think of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, and go for a smudgy eyeliner (forget being perfect), vampy red lips and plaid shirts. You can perfectly combine this with black leather trousers. You can wear your Dr. Martens again without getting in trouble with the fashion police! (I am very happy with this trend 🙂 )


Oscar De La Renta

Want to feel a princess this winter? You can! Big dramatic dresses are in fashion, the bigger the bolder the better! You can decide for yourself if this is something for you. Definitely not something you’d wear occassionally to work. But maybe that cocktail party begs for a huge dress, am I right?

What about accessories?

This FW 2019 season it’s all about giant bags, pointy shoes, 70s boho style: fringes and suède, maxi gloves, belt bags, double bags (two bags instead of one) and matching shoes and handbag.

You can still wear this:

Animal print (the trend lasts – believe it or not), capes, lace (especially those items with a goth effect), minimalistic designs (in minimalistic colors: white, taupe, terracotta) and silver/metallic shiny items.

What do you think about these trends? Do you like it? Like every season I need to get used to it, but I’m definitely going to spoil myself with some new items from new collections when the weather is changing.

Sources I used to write this article:

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