Hi sweeties,

Very nice to have you on my blog! I hope you enjoy reading today’s blogpost, which is another add to the “Weekly Photobook” series. My week has been quite busy, as usual. I’m always on the go, doing things, being active. Sitting still is just not for me. I do have a 2-week holiday to look forward to in September, not that I have any travel plans but my house is definitely in need for new things. Renovations are not really necessary, but I believe my home is in need of some layers of paint and some new items. I’m really hoping to decorate the rooms upstairs a bit more, because currently these rooms are quite empty. I would love to have my own blogging space at the desk upstairs with a giant mood board and also a dressing room with nice organizations. I love organized, clean homes. When I get home from work, I don’t want to end up getting home into a house that is a mess – that’s my worst nightmare basically.

As seen on my Instagram, I have finally worn my new vintage dress which was a bargain at the thrift store. The dress itself is from Forever 21. They used to have a store in Antwerp, but unfortunately it’s gone now. I combined this pretty mint colored retro dress with a shade of yellow, which was quite refreshing during the hot temperatures in Belgium.

I absolutely adore this watch I got from the local market in Antwerp. They match the cognac brown shade of my Pliage bag so perfectly… Match made in heaven!

So how do you create harmony in your look? It’s all about the details, girl. I painted my toe nails exactly the same color as my dress, this way the color comes back into the small details and it all matches perfectly. The heels I’ve worn are from a collab I had with Everything5Pounds. I’ve literally worn them like twice or max 3 times during a period of 3 years – shame on me. I actually got a lot of compliments wearing them. I definitely should wear heels more often. They also have fringes, which are very trendy right now. They have this lovely bohemian touch.

To even talk about more details, I’ve worn the earrings I got from my collaboration with La Venné, the jewelry brand for which I stand for as an ambassador. I decided to go for a loose ponytail to finish off this look. I thought this worked well with the retro vibe I was going for.

My make-up wasn’t that different from my everyday look. I absolutely fell in love with the palette I bought from Action. If you haven’t read my review yet, make sure you do because these products are really a must-try. I always go for the same key features: a good base primer and foundation, bronzer and highlighter, eyebrow gel, a feminine cat-eye look created with liquid eyeliner and intense volumous black mascara. I don’t always wear lipstick, I’d rather accentuate my eyes. But that’s personal of course.

So this week I had this thought of buying takeaway food. I know it’s not healthy, but I have not eaten takeaway since I’m living on my own which is over a month now. So I wanted to treat myself last week. I bought myself this giant sandwich from Subway, which I haven’t eaten in years. It was so yum – olives, pepper, chicken terriyaki, cheese, hmm. Subway never disappoints me.

On the picture up above you see a real image of my everyday diners: pasta with chicken, chicken with fresh potatoes and a homemade salad. I love cooking for myself as well, never thought I’d say that. I eat my veggies and fruit every single day. I like taking care of myself in general, it gives a good feeling.

My outfits of the week were partly “rockchick” with a leather jacket and black trousers and partly “Jess of New Girl” with cute dresses and flats. Like two identities basically. I love changing styles depending on my mood.

My baby girls are having the time of their lives as well. They do enjoy that I have a garden now and they love being outside in the fresh air, eating the grass. They are little brats sometimes, but they’re too cute to be mad at to be honest.

Here you can see my everyday makeup look, which is a good look that’s not too heavy and still a bit natural. I believe in the same rule as with clothing: don’t overdo it. If you want your eyes to pop, make sure to keep your lips neutral. Don’t go for red lips if you’re having a dramatic smokey eye, that’s too heavy. The same thing with fashion. Don’t reveal your cleavage if you’re already showing your legs. It’s cheap. So you must keep the balance. You can also adjust your eyeshadow color to your outfit colors. For me, for everyday looks I mostly go for nude, brown, soft pink or champagne eyeshadow colors. Those are always safe and good to go.

As you all might have seen already, I have added a new Pliage bag to my (already too big) collection! I did not yet have a backpack and I believe it would be quite useful since I go with my bike to the train station. It would be practical. So my birthday is up in about a week (I’m turning 25) and I already got my birthday money from my mom. So I spoiled myself and I am officially the proud owner of a classic Longchamp Pliage black backpack!

Am I addicted to Longchamp? Yes, totally! I have found my passion and I’m happy to say that.

Want to have a backpack of your own? These are classic ones, so you can get them in any Longchamp store anywhere.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blogpost. If you want to receive the latest news in your mailbox, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Or you can follow us on social media, OVDD is very active on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure you don’t miss anything!

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