Hi dear readers,

Glad to see you’re visiting my blog! This personal space on the internet has been my favorite thing for many, many years. I can write about what I want, I’m in charge of all the themes and designs and I always challenge myself into taking better photos and taking everything to the next level. For years I have dreamed of creating my own blog space. I never thought I’d ever make this happen, because I never thought I’d actually live alone in a giant house!

My home has 2 bedrooms and a seperate office room. I have designed one bedroom as a dressing (which is still under construction) and the office room I have designed to be my own personal blog room. I wanted a whiteboard to write down my ideas, books, pens, unlimited access to coffee and of course a nice place to sit and be productive while having that relaxation at the same time. I got a whiteboard from my mom, and it’s so amazing! I can make to-do lists, I can make an overview of my statistics. After a while I’m going to buy a printer so I can print the schedules of my blogposts and hang them in the blog room at the walls. It’s so gorgeous, I’m like a little girl in a candy shop!

Do you have some great ideas to decorate my own blog room? Feel free to share them with me! I’m very curious about your opinion. Don’t forget to follow, like and share this post if you like it! And subscribe to our newsletter if you want to stay in touch.

Want to start your own blog? Make sure to choose WordPress as your platform, they create the most beautiful websites in just one click.

See you next time, sweeties. Have a wonderful day!


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