Hi sweet readers,

Glad to see you reading my content! Y’all know I love to share my latest happenings with you. Well, let me start by saying relationships suck. I hate being heartbroken and ending up alone for like the millionth time – it really sucks. Anyway, I used to be absolutely miserable when bad things happened, but I decided for myself to take care of me and invest more in myself emotionally. Being heartbroken has its advantages: I have found my ultimate therapy which makes me forget the fact that I’m completely single for about a couple of hours: BAKING!

I never considered myself as being good at cooking nor baking, but I can actually say in my 25 years of existence on this planet I have finally activated my “baking genes” (I apparently have them). I’ve made my own cupcake recipe for the first time, a chocolate cupcake. Sounds simple, but hey, this is all a first for me. The previous blogpost was an apple cinnamon cake, and I just followed the recipe online. This one is all copyright by me. Feels good to write that! 🙂

Of course I’ll be sharing this recipe with you – it would be a bit tragic to drop this bomb without technically sharing the details. The measurements are all in grams, since I live in Europe these are the measurements we use. You can always convert them if you’re from the USA or anywhere else where they use different measurements.

Chocolate Cupcake Recipe by Isabelle

Recipe for 12 cupcakes, perfect to surprise your friends and family


  • 300gr flower self-raising flour
  • 250gr butter
  • 200gr chocolate
  • Tiny bit of milk to melt the chocolate
  • 5 eggs
  • 100gr sugar
  • 16gr baking powder
  • 8gr vanilla sugar
  • Tiny pinch of salt


  • Make sure all ingredients are ambient temperature
  • Start by weighing all the ingredients and put everything aside in a bowl
  • Melt the chocolate, make it fluid and use butter and a bit of milk to prevent burning
  • Put the butter, the sugar and the vanilla sugar together in a mixing bowl and start mixing the substances
  • Add the eggs and mix again
  • Then you add the self-raising flour and the baking powder and you start mixing everything
  • As the finishing touch you add the chocolate to the mixture so your cupcakedough is finished and ready to go into the oven

Oven guideline: 40 min. in the oven(but make sure you check frequently, every oven is different), heat 180°C

If you’re looking for cute baking accessories, Action is the place to be. I have found my kitchen scale and all other baking supplies there for a very low price!

Do you like baking? What do you think of these cupcakes? I hope you’re not having relationship issues yourself, and if you do: wish you the best of luck! We’re all gonna be okay. In the meanwhile, you can find me in the kitchen baking away all my sorrows LOL. ‘Till next time, loves.

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